It’s the most memorable Tiger shot I’ve seen up close and in person in five years. Memorable is almost too benign a word. From the sound to the sight to my exact position to the awkwardness that hung in the air, all of it will stick firmly in my brain until I am in the ground. Before today, the last stroke from Tiger that will live with me for eternity was probably his lag putt from the back of the ninth green on Sunday at the 2019 Masters.

Tiger wasn’t afraid to say that he shanked it. For the most part the pros don’t run away from saying so, unlike amateur hacks or talking heads who think it’s a curse word in every sense. They’ve hit too many good shots, exist on too high a plane of golf IQ to be bothered by the occasional shank and the plebian superstitions surrounding them.

“Oh, definitely, I shanked it,” Woods declared in response to the first question after the round, from a reporter who refused to use the s-word. Over the years there have been chipping yips, all manner of wild drives, deactivated glutes causing unresponsive irons, and many missed putts. But a cold shank in competition, even in his lowest moments, is hard to recall from Woods.

Tiger cited back spasms that locked him up on the downswing. “I came down and it didn’t move and I presented hosel first and shanked it.” He said the spasms had bothered him the last few holes, but that stretch included a roasted second shot from 268 yards on 17, plus another ripped drive at 18. The shank from that sidehill fairway lie came after the taxing walk up the hill from the tee box.

The sound was horrifying. The shot trail was amusing. The ball finished with an impotent plunk into a nearby tree, a comically ignominious end to a disastrous journey. There is always something endearing about the greats making common man mistakes, and this was no different. Tiger became Tiger again on the very next shot, with an outstanding recovery from the junk right of the fairway that very few talents in the world could pull off.

He two-putted to close out a 1-over 72. With Tiger, we always remember the spectacular, and this is no different. It’s just that this time the most memorable shot from his return round was spectacularly inept. We won’t soon forget it.

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