Star Wars fans should do something huge on May 4th. Make it bigger than Christmas. At least that way I could be okay with the “May the 4th be with you” stuff.

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.18

No. 1 – Rose Zhang (No change from last week) – If you’re surprised to see her here then you must be new to WOWgr. Welcome.

No. 2 – The International Crown (Up 415) – After a brief hiatus, the Hanwha LIFEPLUS International Crown is underway at TPC Harding Park. Tune in this weekend for a completely unique event.

No. 4 – Marty Dou (Up 247) – The Dou Boi (T-49 at the Mexico Open) recorded his first top-50 finish since October. Don’t let my man get hot!

No. 14 – East coast sports fans (Up 106) – How on earth do you people stay up late enough to watch some of these playoff games? Lakers vs. Warriors tipped at 10 p.m. ET this week! I’ve lived in Central Time for most of my life, and I just don’t understand when East Coasters ever sleep.

No. 21 – Surprises (Up 166) – Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, and Sergio García resigned their DP World Tour memberships this week after failing to sue their way into retaining status. “I never thought it would end like this,” Westwood said. Really? Everyone saying “they’re going to ban you” didn’t tip you off that they might ban you? Well, surprise!

No. 22 – Pettiness (Up 166) – Related, 16 of the 17 players fined by the DP World Tour last summer have now paid their fine. Sergio García has not. Another surprise!

No. 33 – Underwear (Up 4) – Can I interest you in a new advertisement featuring PGA Tour caddies?

No. 44 – Reasons to revisit this Sungjae Im video (Up 152) – The 2022 International Presidents Cup team was something else. I think I’ll watch this video every time the PGA Tour returns to Quail Hollow. Oh, and K.H. Lee said his go-to karaoke song would be “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X. Solid choice.

No. 99 – My hopes for the Cubs (Up 5) – Happy Matt Mervis day, everyone. If you’re not a Cubs fan, you better hope that they don’t get into serious playoff contention because this here ranking will be downright unbearable.

No. 1,541 – Taking a red eye (Down 231) – For whatever reason, I always figured I’d be able to handle a red-eye flight pretty well. I took my first one on Monday, and it turns out I was wrong. If you’re able to sleep on planes, I’m open to tips.

No. 1,678 – People who don’t like great Oak Hill videos – (no change) – They’re going to hate our PGA Championship preview video. Big shoutout to Cameron Hurdus and Garrett Morrison for putting that together. Tune in and learn all about the host venue of this month’s PGA Championship.