Yes, I missed last week again after promising to get back to a regular basis. I’m sorry! On the bright side, the Cubs are so back.

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.36

No. 1a – Megan Khang (Up 23) – Since we last spoke, Khang secured a Solheim Cup pick, won her first LPGA Tour event after birdieing the 72nd hole to get into a playoff, and then nearly won in Portland. A strong performance from her in Spain would do wonders for an American team that is searching for some real leadership.

No. 1b – The Cubs (Up 3) – We’re all in, folks. The Brewers are feeling the heat. We’re not here for a wild card spot. We’re coming after the division. Justin Steele is our king and we will treat him as such.

No. 2 – Shane Lowry (Up 18) – He’s not playing the best golf of his career, as many pointed out when he was one of Luke Donald’s captain’s picks instead of a certain Polish fellow, but it is Irish Open week. What a treat it must be to return once a year to a crowd that bows at your feet. If there is ever a tournament that could get him in better form for the Ryder Cup, it’s this one.

No. 4 – Sweat (Up 3) – Perspiration is really riding a hot streak after the Lucas Glover Incident™ in Memphis. Have you been watching the US Open? Those guys and gals have buckets coming off of them.

No. 14 – W Hats (Up 388) – Has there ever been a dumber controversy than the European press being mad at the U.S. Walker Cup team for wearing hats that have a “W” for Walker? “Are you sure that doesn’t mean ‘Win’? Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?” Get outta here. Also, @USGA, how do I get one?

No. 231 – Adrian Meronk (Down 200) – Tough week for our guy, no two ways about it. Luke Donald made the right choice in my opinion, but it’s just a bummer. 

No. 772 – Will Knights (Down 631) – I just straight up forgot WOWgr last week and for that I am incredibly sorry. But this ranking is about one of the dumber things I’ve ever done. I made a car appointment for Wednesday after hearing a thud in my car every time I hit the brake pedal. On the way to said appointment, I realized that the thud was coming from a metal water bottle that had gotten wedged under the driver’s seat and made a sound every time the car’s momentum changed direction. This was after we didn’t drive it for three days because I didn’t want the issue to get worse. Not the best week for your guy.

No. 1,003 – Duvets (no change) – God these things are the worst, especially when you have to get them back inside the duvet cover. Just use a regular comforter. Duvets stink.