We had a bit of a false start to Will’s Official Weekly golf ranking this year. There are a variety of reasons for that, some of which we’ll get into below. The main point is that I know *many* of you set your clocks by WOWgr ,and I’m very sorry for the last month of darkness. Now, let’s find our center.

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WOWgr Vol. 2024.2

No. 1ish – Lydia Ko (Up 89 spots from last week) – I really, truly want to believe that Lydia is over whatever plagued her golf game last year and that she’s ready to kick some ass again in 2024. Through two events, no one has beaten her in regulation and her game has looked really solid. So she gets the top spot, for now.

No. 3 – Equity (Up 4) – At this rate, equity may be the word of the year in professional golf. Anyway, nearly $1 billion in equity grants is heading to current and former PGA Tour players. Yes, billion. With a “B”. The bulk of that money will be distributed to a small group of players based on a combination of career achievements and recent performances on the PGA Tour. While we don’t know full details, I’d guess that a healthy nine-figure sum is being allocated to Mr. Tiger Woods.

I’m no expert, but you have to assume the legal stipulations attached to these grants will be structured to prevent further departures. On the flip side, if the Tour and the PIF were to reach a deal, it seems like this money wouldn’t be available to LIV players who returned to the PGA Tour. Then again, the further we go down this rabbit hole, the less confident I am about anything that will happen in the future.

No. 4 – This Jordan Spieth bunker shot (Up 88) – Sunday will be the one-year anniversary of one of, if not the best bunker shots these eyes have ever witnessed. Well, witnessed on Twitter/X, anyway.

No. 6 – Managing editors (Up 14) – As my diehard WOWgr friends know, there have been certain stretches during which WOWgr has not been updated in a timely manner. (The last four weeks, for instance.) I promise each week away hurt me as much as it hurt you. Luckily, Fried Egg Golf recently welcomed our good friend Jay Rigdon as our new Managing Editor, helping free up some time for the rest of us. Hence why WOWgr has returned. So really, you should thank Jay for the fact that you have the world’s most accurate ranking system back in your life. (Editor’s Note: Aw, shucks.) 

No. 10 – The 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale (Up 104) – Hate on it all you want, but everyone should experience this environment once in their life. Preferably between the ages of 21 and 25, and with the right group of people. 

No. 12 – Justin Thomas (Up 56) – We are liking what we’re seeing. A lot. He’s going to be my Masters pick, just FYI.

No. 25 – Joaquín Niemann (Up 19) – Guy is playing some terrific golf right now, no two ways about it. From everything I’ve heard out of Jupiter, he is likely the LIV player who worked the hardest on their golf game this offseason. 

No. 765 – Joaquín Niemann’s self-awareness (Down 11) – After his win at LIV Mayakoba, Niemann immediately whined about how he’s not in the majors. Not only did he know what he was signing up for, but we don’t know for sure yet that he’s not in the majors. He’s already in the PGA Championship and the Open, he could (and should, imo) receive an invite to the Masters, and he can qualify for both the U.S. Open. Let’s take it down a notch, my guy.

No. 832 – Shooting 59 (Down 443) – Speaking of Niemann, the Chilean shot one of the best Strokes Gained rounds in history last week only to have Cristobal Del Solar shoot 57 a week later. It’s tough sledding out there for the sub-60 shooters these days!

No. 1,441 – Brendan Porath’s music takes (Down 877) – I’m really close to demanding an apology from my fellow colleague. This Post Malone take is just in poor form.

No. 1,566 – Professional golf fans (No change) – It says a lot that I put golf fans below BP’s Post Malone take, so keep that in mind. I don’t think this needs much explanation at this point. Professional golf is just in a wonky place right now and it would be nice if we fans could get some positive juju at some point soon.

DFL – New business partners (Down 1,443) – The following report from Jordan Fabian, a White House Correspondent for Bloomberg News, is about as bleak as it gets. Super glad these are the people that might be funding the future of professional golf!