We are excited to announce a new Fried Egg series: Sunday Brunch. On occasional Sunday mornings, we will publish golf stories that don’t fit our usual categories. Some will touch on golf course architecture, but most won’t. The PGA Tour might come up—or not.

Many Sunday Brunch pieces will be personal narratives. But they may also be op-ed-style rants on current issues in the golf world. Or profiles of intriguing people. Or historical essays. Even poems!

A Sunday Brunch article can range from a vignette of a couple hundred words to a feature of a couple thousand. As long as it as it has substance, voice, and something to do with golf, it belongs in this series.

Today Will Knights got things rolling with a meditation on how his newfound passion for chess has deepened his love of golf. A few of our recent articles could have found a home in Sunday Brunch as well: Shaun Smith’s idyll about a family trip to Nickerson Dunes, Andy Johnson’s exploration of the connections between craft beer and golf architecture, Phillip Johnson’s essay about moving to Northern Ireland and discovering links golf, and my own story about pasture golf and Brough Creek National.

We hope this series will give us an opportunity to showcase new voices in golf writing. Have an idea for Sunday Brunch? Get in touch with us.