The Fried Egg is working through the release of the highly-anticipated Netflix golf show, Full Swing. We launched a separate podcast feed to cover the debut season, called “Full Swing Thoughts.” We’ve come to episode 3 of the series, which we synopsize below.

For more in-depth discussion, Andy Johnson, Joseph LaMagna, and Brendan Porath are recapping and reviewing each episode, sharing insights on what they learned about the tours and their stars, what they found amusing, what worked, and what flopped. They will attempt to bring their usual enthusiasm, skepticism, and humor as they discuss the unveiling of this highly anticipated new show. You can subscribe to the Full Swing Thoughts podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and all other major podcast platforms.

Episode 3 Synopsis:

LIV does not go completely ignored or unmentioned in the first two episodes, but episode 3 is where the disruption is really confronted. It’s not done well or in an interesting way, as we attempt to explain on podcast episode three of Full Swing Thoughts.

Ian Poulter is the main vessel through which the LIV vs. PGA Tour battle is told. It goes in a lot of different directions without really taking us anywhere. For the golf nut, the Poulter portrayal is old hat and boring — he wears loud pants, has done well in the Ryder Cup, has a social media “personality” (his term). You’re halfway through the episode and left wondering what, if anything, is something new you learned, or even what’s something you already knew that’s been interesting to watch again.

The episode takes place at The Players Championship, where Poulter and Pat Perez chat about social media followings, the WGC Match Play, where Poulter is grinding to make the Masters but is quickly disposed of in pool play, the PGA, site of another MC, the first LIV event in London, where the producers make an amusing music choice, and the Englishman’s various homes and private plane rides. He discusses his career to date, and the current moment of “uncertainties” as he tries to decide whether to jump to LIV or not. It did not seem all that uncertain throughout 2022, but the Ryder Cup captaincy was one thing clearly weighing on him before he officially made the move. There’s also an obvious foreshadowing moment when he talks about how much he hates working for free — i.e. missing cuts, which had just occurred at Southern Hills.

A Golf Digest article noted that Poulter joined the show almost by accident, a chance meeting with the producers where he sold himself. He then performs in the episode with a locker room temper tantrum that’s been cut into every trailer or teaser for the show. Overall, it felt like an episode that didn’t do much for anyone or explain the LIV temptation well enough for someone who’s still competing at the highest level, which Poulter is not. We get into that and more in the podcast.

Favorite Quote(s):

“People will say, ‘Don’t you have enough already?’ Well that’s all relative.” A quote that says a lot about Poulter’s mindset, or need, to take the LIV bag during an episode where he’s portrayed living quite the comfortable lifestyle.

Favorite Moment:

Matt Fitzpatrick cracking that Poulter “almost broke my hand” during the post-match handshake at Austin Country Club. Poulter had been eliminated and his chance at getting into the Masters was quickly gone. It’s a peripheral piece to the episode but a behind-the-scenes amusing moment.

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