Happy Masters, everyone. In the words of Michael Scott, “OH MY GOD, OKAY, IT’S HAPPENING!”

The Wednesday Presser

Augusta National chairman Fred Ridley sat down with the media yesterday for his yearly Wednesday press conference.

The first highlight from Ridley’s remarks was a $10 million pledge to the Augusta community. Among the scheduled projects are a community center for the Harrisburg and Laney Walker neighborhoods and a new headquarters for the Boys & Girls Club. Augusta National and partners AT&T, Bank of America, and IBM will be funding the effort. Press Release

Another highlight was Mr. Chairman’s commentary on distance. “We are at a crossroads as it relates to the distance issue,” he said. “I do think that we’re coming closer to a call to action. As it relates to our golf course, we have options and we will take the necessary actions to stay relevant.”

He added that there will be no major changes to the golf course between now and April. It remains to be seen what Augusta National will do if distance gains continue, but suffice it to say that the Green Jackets will have a keen eye on Bryson this weekend.

Finally, Ridley announced that the 16th hole will feature a “fly cam” that hovers above the hole, much as cameras do at NFL games. We’re curious to see how that plays out.


A former staple of the Fried Egg podcast, the overrated/underrated segment has become a rarity, so we figured we’d try one here on Masters Thursday. These topics were submitted via Twitter and Instagram. Let us know if you agree!

“No running” policy (chad_felts) – Underrated – If you ever have the chance, get to the gates of Augusta National first thing in the morning and watch everyone speed-walk to set up their chairs around the golf course. It’s almost as funny as watching bachelor parties at TPC Scottsdale sprint toward the 16th hole, only to realize it’s almost a full mile run and they haven’t done any cardio since high school.

SubAir system (many) – Overrated – This has been a frequent topic of discussion on this rainy week at the Masters. The SubAir can only do so much. It’s not a magic vacuum that can remove all water from the golf course and pump it into Bryson’s spritz bottles. It is phenomenal for its intended purpose (to provide better growing conditions for the grass), but it’s not a cure-all for bad weather.

Par 3 Contest (stefen.rutherford) – Underrated – Many aspects of the Masters are fluffed up with pomp and circumstance, but the Par 3 Contest is truly a fun tradition. Past-their-prime legends get to compete on relatively equal footing with younger stars, and it’s cool to see kids and significant others involved as caddies. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves. Well, unless you’re Tony Finau.

Anti-green books rule (Drew Redman) – Extremely Underrated – This might be the best thing about the Masters. May we one day live in a world entirely free of books that read greens for you.

The pond behind 15 green on approach shots into 15 (ANTIFAldo) – Overrated – On our podcast last year, Geoff Ogilvy said you should do everything you can to be over the pond short of the 15th green in two so as to avoid that terrifying third-shot wedge. So it seems like players aren’t all that afraid of the other pond. We’ll be sure to update if someone finds the drink this year.

False front on No. 5 (oldmanwicker) – In the Process of Becoming Underrated – Two years ago, it might have been overrated. But the length added to the 5th hole brings the big slope at the front of the green back into play. It was easier to land the ball on top with short irons, but it’s a different story with a mid- to long iron.

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