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The rumblings are getting louder. After a few years of rumors, a new golf league spearheaded by Saudi Arabia appears imminent. On Wednesday, Golfweek reported that a private meeting had taken place in which select media (not Golfweek, which has been critical of the Saudi incursion into golf) heard details about a forthcoming Saudi-backed series of golf events. The series would include 12-18 events around the world, with 40-48 players organized into teams. Golfweek’s report also noted that Greg Norman is expected to be commissioner and that some top players have been offered deals up to $50 million. The media who attended the meeting were asked to hold their reports until early next week.

Yesterday, No Laying Up reported that the Saudi series is looking into hosting events at Trump properties in Bedminster, Turnberry, and Dubai. NLU added that the group visited Bedminster this week and is targeting an event there in August 2022.

The sportswashing continues! The Saudis already have their foot in the door with Formula 1, the Premier League, and women’s golf via the Aramco Team Series. And it’s not shocking that Trump properties are in play; the Saudis reportedly worked closely with Donald Trump during his presidency. It remains to be seen whether any stars from men’s golf will join the new league, and whether a television partner will come on board.

Last year, when the idea of a “Premier Golf League” first hit the rumor mill, many golf fans were excited. The F1-inspired team format seemed like a good idea, especially in contrast with the PGA Tour’s increasingly diluted week-to-week product. But as Saudi Arabia’s involvement became clear, the excitement dampened. Players now face a moral decision. Will they accept (a lot of) money from a government that has committed heinous acts and continues to deny civil rights to many of its citizens? Some will, we suspect, given that several PGA Tour players have already asked for releases to play in the 2022 Saudi International.

If you ask us, the idea stinks. We’d love for a viable competitor to the PGA Tour to emerge, but we’re not about to support the Saudi government’s effort to buy its way into international sports.

Some Friday fun

On a lighter note, the Twitter account @useGolfFACTS is back in our lives! Everyone’s favorite Patrick Reed defender (and suspected Patrick Reed relative) stepped back into the limelight around 2 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning by—you’ll never believe this—coming to the defense of Patrick Reed!

Replying to an Eddie Pepperell tweet from January 31 (very normal behavior), @useGolfFACTS claimed to have hired “an expert forensic videographer” to examine footage from 2019 of Patrick Reed removing sand behind his ball at the Hero World Challenge. The account insisted that the footage had been “DIGITALLY ALTERED to publicly smear and cause damages to PREED.” Later that day, another beloved burner, @ANTIFAldo, discovered that a user with the name “Usegolffacts” had been altering Patrick Reed’s Wikipedia page to “[take] out misinformation, bias, and put in facts.”

Patrick Reed has not acknowledged any connection to the Twitter account, even after his official handle accidentally posted a tweet identical to one posted from @useGolfFACTS.

The saga continues.


Strong winds put the Thursday morning wave at a severe disadvantage at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.

Oklahoma took home the men’s title at the East Lake Cup with a 3-2 victory over Oklahoma State.

In the women’s competition at the East Lake Cup, Oklahoma State fought off Duke for a clean sweep of the fall season.

Quick Hooks

Brian Morris, a local Bermuda pro with stage 4 cancer, teed it up in his first ever PGA Tour event on Thursday. “I believe that a positive attitude and a positive outlook is probably better than any miracle drug,” Morris said. “I don’t believe in just touching one person [with my story]. I want to touch as many as I can.”

A few players in Bermuda said the wind on Thursday was the strongest they’ve ever played in.

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