A Few Subtleties of Riviera That Don’t Come Across on TV

Our photographer found some cool stuff out there


TV cameras have a way of smoothing out the quirks of a golf course. As our photographer Cameron Hurdus walked around the Genesis Invitational earlier this week, he documented some of the subtle oddities that make George Thomas’s design at Riviera Country Club so memorable and fascinating.

The abruptness of the slope behind the fifth green:

The back-to-front steepness of the sixth green (which even Cameron had trouble capturing):

The chaotic undulations of the seventh and eighth fairways:

The size of the ridge guarding the seventh green:

The shallowness of the 14th green, which places a premium on distance control on this long par 3:

The severity of the channel bisecting the 15th green:

How much of the putting surface the front bunkers obscure from the 16th tee:

The wooden frame around the tee boxes, which keeps the kikuyu rough from invading the overseeded Bermuda of the tees: