A beefy tipping point, Cameraman does job, and Rickie left his heart in Detroit

It’s a Bryson-heavy Monday episode, as Brendan and Andy first thank all their sponsors for the opportunity to podcast. Bryson’s win in Detroit is reviewed and some larger questions are asked about what this approach might yield at the majors and if this is another flashing light for the USGA to do something. But much appreciation is rained on the Thicc Boi for completely overhauling his body and a few theories are offered for the spark moments that maybe provoked that overhaul. It wasn’t all good for Bryson on the weekend, and there is a critical panning of his comments on “privacy” and protecting the players while they’re filmed on the course. Less time is spent on the comments, which are obviously bad, and more is spent on fears that coverage, given the current power structure with the Tour’s media partners, may continue to be whitewashed to the overall detriment of the product. Matthew Wolff’s Rickie-inspired outfit and Rickie-esque start to Sunday (and strong finish) are discussed. There’s also a follow-up on Bubba’s charity match from Wednesday and his personal evolution and a follow-up on Rackham, thanks to a reader note about animals at the zoo, which the course borders, impacting play.