An SGS Spotlight on “The Merry Mex,” Lee Trevino: Part 1

This special Spotlight episode ahead of U.S. Open week is dedicated to Lee Trevino. This is Part 1 of what will likely, hopefully be a two-part Spotlight. It begins with the nuts and bolts of Trevino’s resume and career accomplishments before launching into his background and upbringing in poor conditions outside of Dallas. It covers his trademark swing, how he got into the game from destitute circumstances, his time in the Marines, and his path onto Tour golf. That path is due in part to qualifying for and then succeeding at the U.S. Open his first few times around the national championship. This episode covers his first three major wins, the U.S. Open at Oak Hill, the U.S. Open at Merion in a playoff against Jack Nicklaus, and his first Open Championship at Birkdale. It also covers the origins of his antipathy towards the Masters, and many more side tales. Thanks to the U.S. Open Victory Club (join that here) for supporting this Spotlight work and making these episodes possible.