Grandstanding receipts!, Dad’s Day Gift Guide ;) and Harbour Town Preview

It’s bonus week on the Shotgun Start. There will be four episodes, including a spotlight on a past U.S. Open celebrating the national championship on what was the originally scheduled 2020 U.S. Open week. That will come Wednesday morning, but first, a preview of what’s to come at Harbour Town. Andy and Brendan break down the loaded field, the Rickie Tour Live featured groups (featuring Rickie), and how the power players (and Glen Day!) might take on a different setup. One-and-dones devolve into chaos and Brendan ends up with a 2-for-1 special to take on Andy’s more conventional pick. An Ad read becomes the official Father’s Day Gift Guide, with limited actual details about the product. Then there is some major breaking news as a newly appointed Chief Data Officer of the Shotgun Start sends in some interesting notes from the shot data as it relates to the lack of grandstands to slam your ball off of last week at Colonial. It’s just one week but we have some prime holes to look out for this week after a caddie sends in a tip about a past classic grandstanding spot at Harbour Town. News hits on some more fan-less events coming later in the summer and Monty’s grand rollback plan.