If the PGA Tour fell behind on its state and local taxes, would Florida raise the drawbridge around the global home?

Cats are back

It started with a tweet. Then came an Eamon Lynch scoop. Then, at last week’s Hero World Challenge, range sessions and swirling rumors that Tiger Woods was plotting a comeback. Finally, on Wednesday, Tiger confirmed that he and his son Charlie will compete in next weekend’s PNC Championship in Orlando. It will be Woods’s second appearance with Charlie in the family-focused tournament and his first time playing in public since his car accident in February.

This is very cool. Fans were delighted to see Tiger and Charlie at the 2020 PNC, but their participation this year will have new meaning. In the Bahamas last week, the big cat was clearly grinding, trying to get himself ready to at least hobble around the course. He has always been relentless in recovery, but this time there was a different motivation: to be able to compete with his son. No, Tiger won’t be anywhere near the player he was in 2019, but it’s great to have him—and Charlie—back in the mix.

Have your cake and watch it too

Earlier this week, the PGA Tour announced that PGA Tour Live will be under the ESPN+ umbrella in 2022. Four feeds will be available on the platform: a main feed, a marquee group, featured holes, and featured groups. On-site crews will be boosted from 85 to more than 210 people.

PGA Tour Live has been through a few different iterations over the years, but we’re pretty excited for this one. The extra streams will (hopefully) add up to a better viewing experience for the die-hard fans, and casual fans, who may subscribe to ESPN+ already for other sports, will have an easier time finding the product. Given that the PGA Tour’s big new TV contract will likely force networks to air more commercials than ever before, the alternatives offered by PGA Tour Live may end up being crucial for golf nuts.

The Latest from The Fried Egg

The 2022 Fried Egg Event schedule is here! As of today, we have nine events scheduled for 2022, and we plan to add more. If you’ve never attended a Fried Egg event and are wondering why we hold them, Andy Johnson wrote a quick explainer. Registrations for the first four events will open on January 3, 2022. We can’t wait to tee it up with you in the new year.

On Thursday, Andy appeared on Golf Today with Shane Bacon and Damon Hack to discuss golf architecture. Watch his segment here!

The Fried Egg Podcast – Which American golf courses still need to be restored? Andy and Garrett expand on Andy’s recent piece about the state of golf course restoration in the U.S. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

The Shotgun Start – The clock is ticking on 2021, and frankly we’re concerned Andy and Brendan aren’t going to finish the Year in Review before the ball drops. We’ll see! Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.


The second week of LPGA Q-Series is underway in Alabama. Pauline Roussin-Bouchard has maintained her lead.

Quick Hooks

Greg Norman’s press conference at the QBE Shootout was, unsurprisingly, a dud. Norman was asked a whopping four questions, only one one of which had anything to do with LIV Golf Investments and the Asian Tour, and to which Mr. Shark gave a rather condescending answer. Oh, and the internet stream mysteriously crashed, so only media members on site were able to ask questions. Good stuff!

Beth Ann Nichols wrote a great piece for Golfweek about how LPGA Tour professionals are weighing the moral quandaries of playing in China and Saudi Arabia.

A CNN article about the impact of climate change on golf courses has been generating discussion about what maintenance practices should look like in the future.

The PGA of America announced that “life members” will no longer be able to compete in the PGA Professionals Championship. Bye, Omar Uresti.

We’re going to need to see Jon Rahm and this guy in the same room before we believe they’re different people.

Bubba Watson apparently didn’t read our newsletter last week. He still thinks we’re buying that whole “I’m not just taking Saudi money, I’m growing the game!” bit.

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If you’re getting the cold shoulder like Greg Norman would on a visit to the Global Home, grab yourself a Fried Egg beanie to keep warm!