I know that LIV is requesting players receive retroactive points when they are reinstated to the PGA Tour. Just know that will not be happening in WOWgr.

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.28

No. 1 – Those of us that paid attention on the 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C. (Up 444) – As you may have heard, PGA Tour Policy Board member Jimmy Dunne and PGA Tour COO Ron Price visited the Capitol on Tuesday to talk with members of the Senate about the framework agreement with the Saudi PIF. The session lasted about three hours, featured an enormous amount of wasted time by our elected officials, included the release of many documents related to the deal, and ultimately finished up with very little new information. We’ll find out just how much impact that meeting has, but for now it made for a very disheartening day as a fan of professional golf. That said, those people who listened to their tour guides and paid attention in social studies class were a bit more prepared for life as a golf fan this week. You can read more about the session in The Fried Egg Newsletter.

No. 2 – Little KVV (Up 12) – It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of post-major writing that flows into the world. Still, this piece from Keegan Van Valkenburg, daughter of No Laying Up’s Kevin Van Valkenburg, is more than worth your time. See what it’s like to walk inside the ropes at the U.S. Women’s Open as an 11-year old. Well done, Keegan! Sorry the stupid Senate hearings stole the No. 1 spot from you.

No. 4 – Elly De La Cruz (Up 4) – I really wish this guy wasn’t in the NL Central so I could root for him with every fiber of my being.

No. 7 – Playing golf with your buddies (No change) – As Shane Bacon wrote for this morning’s TFE Newsletter, this time of year always brings a few social media clips of top PGA Tour players visiting some of Scotland’s finest golf courses. This week it was Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Smyllie Kaufman at North Berwick. It’s a good reminder that, at the heart of the professional golf drama, are some golfers who just want to tee it up with their pals.

No. 12 – Whatever haircut Rory McIlroy has going on these days (Up 311) – I don’t know what you’d call this, but it’s working. I think. I can’t be sure though, my hair is terrible.

No. 33 – Yannik Paul (Up 7) – Currently in line for one of the automatic spots on the European Ryder Cup team, Paul started the Genesis Scottish Open with a great first round. A high finish at Renaissance Club wouldn’t ensure him a spot in Italy, but it would go a long way towards a place on the roster.

No. 1,001 – Your sleep schedule (Down 32) – It’s totally worth it, but boy are there some early mornings on tap next weekend.

No. 1,111 – Jimmy Dunne’s tie (Down 481) – What the hell is going on here

DFL – Trust (Down 883) – It would seem as though many PGA Tour players have lost it, at least in relation to Jay Monahan.