Will’s Official Weekly Golf Ranking, Vol. 2023.29 – Chips v. Fries

Who would be most confused by ordering chips and receiving french fries?


During a normal major week I would rank the entire field based on some arbitrary characteristic, like the most tackleable golfers at LACC. Don’t worry, the arbitrary characteristic is still around this week, but we won’t be ranking the whole field because I’m confident that the majority of Euros are exempt.

Without further ado, the top 10 golfers at the Open Championship most likely to be confused at a U.K. pub when fries showed up despite them ordering “chips.”

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.29

No. 1 – Tom Hoge (Up 29 spots from last week) – Is part of this ranking the fact that he would make a hilarious face when the plate showed up? Absolutely. Hoge seems like a genuinely solid bloke, but he seems prime for confusion if he wanted some nice barbeque chips with his meal and he got a hearty plate of french fries. He’d get over it quickly and enjoy the fried goodness.

No. 2 – Patrick Cantlay (Up 7) – “I’d like to speak to the manager. This is not funny.”

No. 3 – Tom Kim (Up 30) – Based on this performance, I’m positive he’d be surprised when the plate arrived. He’d love it though.

No. 4- Bryson DeChambeau (Up 39) – No surprise here as Bryson is confused by most things.

No. 5 – Viktor Hovland (Down 1) – Vic would definitely look around to see if he was on a hidden camera show. He’d be a good sport about it, but you know he’d just start laughing.

No. 6 – Corey Conners (Up 40) – It’s not so much that Corey would be confused, but he would wonder why there aren’t cheese curds and gravy on the chips. Canadians are highly protective over their country’s delicacy after all.

No. 7 – Talor Gooch (Up 22) – Another easy one. Any guy that doesn’t read the fine print will undoubtedly be confused by a switcheroo.

No. 8 – Keegan Bradley (Up 48) – If looks could kill.

No. 9 – Brooks Koepka (Down 7) – Assuming he’s had a few pints, I think we’re talking about real confrontation with Brooksy. No one brings him the wrong order and then tries to claim that the word means something else on this side of the pond.

No. 10 – Justin Thomas (Up 88) – You know that one friend that’s always flabbergasted when something goes wrong? The one that looks around at the friend group and suggests that someone else is that one who made a mistake and there was nothing they could do about it? Pretty sure that’s JT.