The most astute among you will realize that there wasn’t a Vol. 2023.31 or 2023.32. There is a good reason for that, which we’ll get to. But the important thing is that WOWgr is back.

Need a refresher on WOWgr rules?

Vol. 2023.33

No. 1 – Match play (Up 18) – It’s just the best. Watching it at Bel-Air and Cherry Hills has just reinforced and added to the treat. Luckily for us, we also have Ryder, Solheim, and Walker Cups to look forward to this fall.

No. 2 – Blades (Up 881) – I still can’t believe Blades Brown is his real name, but the 16 year old made history this week as the youngest ever medalist or co-medalist in the U.S. Amateur. He played his final three holes of stroke play in 4-under, shooting a course-record 64 at Colorado Golf Club in the process. His name is f***ing BLADES.

No. 3 – Lucas Glover (Up 98) – Any man that talks like this (and wins twice in a row) can be on my Ryder Cup team. Hard to believe I’m saying that given that I wasn’t even sure he was playing on the PGA Tour during the last edition of WOWgr. Long putters for everyone!

No. 9 – Colorado Golf Club (Up 33) – I was only able to walk around for about 90 minutes this week, but damn, what a golf course. Word on the street is that it wasn’t even as firm as it played during the Mid-Am a few years ago and yet balls were bounding every which way in the U.S. Amateur.

No. 11 – The Chicago Cubs (Down 1) – Things haven’t been quite as dominant of late but the boys are buzzing after a walk-off homer against the White Sox. Stay tuned for what is sure to be a tremendously stressful September in this here ranking.

No. 15 – Golf in Chicagoland (Up 4) – Not that I’m biased or anything.

No. 20 – Preferred lies (Up 25) – They’re really coming into their own in the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

No. 573 – Zach Johnson’s style choices (Down 472) – Why do something fun or bold when you could just have a bunch of boring red, white, and blue stripes?

No. 3,222 – Lucas Glover’s pants (Down 2,621) – That fabric must have disintegrated. Only way it was coming off his legs.

DFL – My days as a bachelor (Down 913) – I do apologize for missing two weeks of WOWgr. It turns out that getting married is a busy time in your life. I’m sure your life just wasn’t complete without our beloved ranking, but I appreciate your sacrifice.