Episode 156: Robert Crosby, Golf Historian and John Low Biographer

Joining first-time host Garrett Morrison is golf historian Robert Crosby, who is working on a book about the great John Low. Garrett and Bob touch on Bob’s tumultuous college days and his thoughts about the escapist character of golf before delving into his research on the fascinating life and work of John Low. In the early 20th century, Low played an influential role in debates about golf architecture, equipment, and rules. His way of thinking about the game, as Bob eloquently describes, is just as relevant today as it was a century ago.Robert Crosby on John Low in the journal Through the Green:Part 1 – http://www.golfcollectors.co.uk/u/cms/TTG_90_2009September.pdf#page=34Part 2 – http://www.golfcollectors.co.uk/u/cms/TTG_93_2010June.pdf#page=10