Fried Egg Stories, Episode 2: The Doctor Goes Down Under

The second installment of our new audio documentary series digs into the history behind the venue of this week’s Presidents Cup, Royal Melbourne Golf Club. This Australian gem exists in its current form because, in 1926, the famous British architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie decided to sail across the world and spend two and a half months down under. During his visit, he not only drew up plans for the West Course at Royal Melbourne but also consulted at many golf clubs throughout Australia. His apparent influence on golf in the country was enormous. So the question we ask in this episode is, essentially, how in the world did MacKenzie do all of that in 10 weeks? Or are we all giving him too much credit?Many thanks to Mike Clayton (@mikeclaytongolf), Mike Cocking (@OCMGolf), Neil Crafter (, and Sean Tully (@tullfescue) for contributing to this story. This episode features music from Kevin McLeod ( as well as Low Light and Borrtex (