The Fried Egg’s review of the much-hyped Netflix golf show, Full Swing, continues and we’ve reached the midpoint of the season with episode four.

For more in-depth discussion, Andy Johnson, Joseph LaMagna, and Brendan Porath are recapping and reviewing each episode in podcast form, sharing insights on what they learned about the tours and their stars, what they found amusing, what worked, and what flopped. They will attempt to bring their usual enthusiasm, skepticism, and humor as they discuss the unveiling of this highly anticipated new show. You can subscribe to the “Full Swing Thoughts” podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and all other major podcast platforms.

Episode 4 Synopsis:

Appropriately titled “Imposter Syndrome,” the fourth installment of Full Swing is a window into self-described mediocrity on the PGA Tour. Joel Dahmen, the central figure of the episode, remarks “Somebody’s gotta be the 70th best golfer in the world.”

The episode is a delightful view into the life of a colorful personality in Dahmen. We get glimpses into his not-so-rigorous workout regimen, apathy as he misses the cut at Torrey Pines, and happy-go-lucky attitude while stroller shopping with his wife.

We also get a deeper look into heavier parts of Dahmen’s backstory, like his emotions surrounding losing his mother to cancer, and his perspective on his own battle with testicular cancer.

Geno Bonnalie, Dahmen’s longtime caddie, plays a prominent role throughout the episode. We learn about how a thoughtfully written note led to Dahmen hiring Bonnalie. We walk alongside Dahmen & Bonnalie as the pair secures a spot in the U.S. Open via Sectional Qualifying, which amusingly included a few White Claws in between rounds. Finally, the episode concludes with Dahmen registering a strong top-ten performance at the U.S. Open. Dahmen did not hoist a trophy at the Country Club, but he left with a new sense of confidence.

This episode should be a fan favorite among Full Swing watchers. Dahmen’s relatability, openness, and kinship with his caddie make for an authentic and endearing episode.

Favorite Quote(s):

Joel Dahmen at the beginning of episode: “I’ll never be a top-ten player in the world. I’ll never win majors.”

Dahmen at the end of the episode: “My best golf is very good golf. I can compete against the best in the world.”

Favorite Moment:

Both Dahmen and Bonnalie are visibly emotional as each reads Bonnalie’s letter to Dahmen that led to his hiring as his caddie. Bonnalie wrote that he was willing to turn his car into his house to carry Joel’s bag. As the episode shows, the duo’s relationship has worked out just fine.

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