Homa’s breakthrough, Brooks-Brandel beef, and Quail Hollow’s spot on the schedule

We return from the weekend with a double worse-for-the wear feature, which means you may want to just set this episode to 1.5 or 2x speed at the start. We run through the results and commend Max Homa’s work to get to the point of winning on the PGA Tour. We also use that as a jump off to contrast it with some players who may be the beneficiary of repeated exemptions. Then there’s a wild divergence on the Minneapolis business community as well as this Quail Hollow event getting eaten by some of the elevated status titles and WGCs that line the schedule. After the Kentucky Derby controversy, we put out a few golf hypotheticals that might come close to comparing to that overturn and ruling at the sport’s biggest event. In news, we hit on the joy of the Brooks Koepka and Brandel Chamblee beef that reignited with Brooksy’s weekend photoshop work. We sign off with the weird story of Steve Sticker being used for a charity outing scam and ponder who you would choose for such a scam to make it both believable enough and also draw interest for your outing.