Phil v. Tiger match rumors, SGS Spotlight on the Wee Welshman Ian Woosnam

A delayed Monday episode begins with Phil Mickelson’s tease that he’s working on a potential The Match-type event with Tiger Woods. This gives us occasion to pass along a tasty and completely unverified rumor we heard over the weekend about such an event. We also discuss further scheduling changes with a potential six-month lockdown in the UK impacting The Open, a new Olympics date for 2021, and reports of the U.S. Open being postponed. There’s also a brief interlude of optimism for better days when we are out of this. The second half of the episode is a deep dive into the fast life, amazing upbringing, and legendary career of Ian Woosnam, aka The Wee Welshman aka Boozy Woosie. We hit on his childhood growing up the son of a farmer and how working on the farm gave him the strength that eventually made him an absolute masher of the golf ball at a diminutive height. There are fun stories about working his way up on the Safari Tour, living in a van, and riding on handlebars of a bike to make his tee time. His Masters win is given a full account, including his back-and-forth with the Augusta fans rooting against him. His Ryder Cup heroics and celebrations are praised, and his captaincy — called “the most pathetic” captaincy by one snubbed player — is reviewed. We also discuss his partying ways and his run-ins with the law before assessing his legacy and hall-of-fame credentials.