Thursday at the Ryder Cup -- Lineups set, Opening ceremony amusements

This special Thursday episode reacts to finally, at long last, getting some real lineups to discuss after an interminable week of pre-match ceremony. Andy and Brendan shout about the absolute howitzer of an opener featuring a Texan and an Arizonan up against the American duo of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. They proceed to run through the entire card for the opening session, expressing anxiety about a couple favorites and confidence on a few others. They make picks for each match, choose their favorite matchup, most lopsided potential, and question if anyone was foolishly left on the bench. There’s also some reaction to an offensively bad and unnecessary opening ceremony. This episode, along with all of the episodes from Wisconsin, are supported by Bixby Coffee, where we will be launching new Shotgun Start pitcher packs to go with the trusty SGS blend and Westy Island blend. Also, there will be 10 percent off everything at checkout up through Saturday.