The Full Swing documentary from Netflix gets into the second half of its first season with episode five. The Fried Egg’s review of the much-hyped show includes a podcast feed and quick synopsis articles of each episode.

For more in-depth discussion, Andy Johnson, Joseph LaMagna, and Brendan Porath are recapping and reviewing each episode in podcast form, sharing insights on what they learned about the tours and their stars, what they found amusing, what worked, and what flopped. You can subscribe to the “Full Swing Thoughts” podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and all other major podcast platforms.

Episode 5 Synopsis:

The fifth episode of Full Swing focuses on Matt Fitzpatrick’s U.S. Open triumph and Dustin Johnson’s decision to join LIV Golf. The authenticity of each character shines throughout the episode, which paints a favorable portrayal of both Fitzpatrick and Johnson.

The episode opens by contrasting Fitzpatrick’s physique to larger, more athletic-looking figures like Brooks Koepka and DJ. Netflix makes a concerted effort to demonstrate Fitzpatrick’s success as a result of hard work as opposed to physical prowess.

Fitzpatrick’s work ethic and calculated approach to the game is emphasized throughout the episode. In one scene, Matt is in his hometown pulling out meticulously-noted yardage books from his early teen years. Appropriately, episode five represents Fitzpatrick as a data-driven golfer who will pursue any edge to compete effectively on the golf course.

Next, the episode recounts Fitzpatrick’s contention in the PGA Championship. Ultimately he fails to win the trophy, but it won’t be his last stab at a major championship in the episode. The episode concludes with Fitzpatrick hoisting the U.S. Open trophy after a tremendous fairway bunker shot, arguably the best golf shot struck in 2022. Matt and his family’s elated reaction to the victory might be the highlight of the episode.

Though the episode begins and ends with Fitzpatrick, Dustin Johnson is heavily featured. Dustin’s self-confidence exudes throughout the episode. In his own words, DJ feels ready to win tournaments even when he is unprepared. He’s accomplished everything he needs to accomplish in the sport, and he does not feel the need to prove anything to anyone.

Much of the DJ discussion centers around his career-altering decision to sign with LIV. Two things about Johnson’s decision seem clear:

1) He believes he is doing what is best for his family, which is his top priority

2) He doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of his decision

Favorite Quote:

Paulina Gretzky: If anyone thinks that Dustin’s lost his competitive spirit, they don’t know Dustin well enough, because he is still ready to show you who the fuck he is. And there’s a reason why he’s going back to play these majors.

Favorite Moment:

Matt Fitzpatrick’s dad standing nearby the 18th green, euphorically shaking his head after Matt wins the U.S. Open on Father’s Day.

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