Name that Walk-up Tune Part 2, Tiger’s in love with the ZoZo, the un-retirement heard round the world

“Hey, how you doing? It’s Friday!” We head to the weekend with a quick check in around the world of golf, from Morocco to Los Angeles. We debate whether the Zurich Classic, two-man format or not, stinks. We also get into whether upstart pros should go to Europe to work their way up the world rankings. Then, by popular demand and from the mind of Andy Johnson, we play another round of the guessing game for a few more walk-up music selections most appropriate for some Shotgun Start favorites. In news, we get to Tiger committing to the first ever PGA Tour event in Japan, his scheduling choices, and the overreaction to his gait from a social media video on Thursday. Then we hit on the news of John Peterson’s fifth or sixth or seventh un-retirement of the past year, and some of the absurd quotes he delivered about why he made the choice to come back. Ernie Els’ special exemption into the U.S. Open has Andy bursting with joy, but we also provide some intel about some International players maybe not thrilled about being told who to play with this week. The disastrous deal a Euro women’s pro announced with Golf Saudi, as well as the awful caption for it, get a review. We conclude with a Flashback Friday on a 1980s (sorta) legend.