Vegas Golf Betting Game

Looking to for a change from your weekly Nassau? Vegas is a fun golf game to play with your favorite foursome.


Looking for a new game to play with your regular foursome? Try out Vegas, a golf game that centers around two teams of two and can be enjoyed by players of different skill levels. This game can be wild fun because it allows for large swings in scoring, especially when there is great play and poor play at the same time within the group.

How to play Vegas

Determine teams of two on the first tee (you can throw balls or a tee to help you decide). The selected teams will stay together for the entire round. Determine a wager that can be anywhere from a penny to a dollar amount.

The game centers around each player’s score on a particular hole. If you are playing with handicaps, use a player’s net score on a particular hole. Each team’s score is a product of each player’s score. The player with the lower score on each team is the first digit, and the teammate with the higher score on each team is the second digit. At the end of each hole, each team has a score, and the team with the lower number picks up the difference in points from the other team.

There are a few variables to the game that spice things up.

When a birdie is made, the opposing team’s score flips, meaning the high score is the first digit and the low score is the second digit. If both teams make a birdie, the numbers remain in the original order.
When an eagle is made, the opposing team’s score flips (like a birdie) and the difference of points is doubled. As with the birdie, if both teams have an eagle, it blocks the flip and double.

If you want to spice things up more, allow the team that is down to utilize presses and rolls to double point totals for the remaining match or single hole.

Here are three example holes and how they would be scored.

Hole 1 – Par 4

Team A & Team B’s scores on a hole.

Team A
Player 1: 4
Player 2: 5

Team B
Player 3: 6
Player 4: 5

Team A’s score for the hole is 45. Team B’s score is 56. Team A won the hole and gets the difference in point totals, 11.

Team A is up 11 points heading into hole 2.

Hole 2 – par 3

Team A
Player 1: 3
Player 2: 3

Team B
Player 3: 4
Player 4: 5

Team A’s score is 33. Team B’s score is 45. Team A picks up another 12 points from Team B.

Team A is up 23 points on the match heading into hole 3.

Hole 3 – par 5

Team A
Player 1: 6
Player 2: 5

Team B
Player 3: 4
Player 4: 7

Team A’s score is 56. Team B’s score is 47. Team B’s birdie flips team A’s score from 56 to 65. The difference in points is 18 for this hole.

Team A heads into hole 4 up 5 points.

You continue this for all 18 holes, and at the end of the round, multiply the points held by the winning team by the monetary amount per point. That’s the amount each player from the winning team earns from the losers.

That’s how you play Vegas. Enjoy and reach out with any questions. If you have a game you would like featured, send it in here.

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