This week’s game is simple and fun.  It works well in a foursome or even a larger group and is meant to be an add-on game to whatever you are playing on the day.  It’s a game that can be enjoyed by friends of varying skill levels. It can be played on the course or the putting green after a round. The game combines two popular vices, golf, and poker. The winner of the game at the end of the round is determined by who holds the best five card poker hand. How much is in the pot and how many cards specific players have to choose from depends on the below.

Before the round, the group selects an “ante” that goes into the pot. The determined “ante” ($1, $5, $10, etc.), will be added by players in the group every time they 3-putt over the course of the round.

The reward for a 1-putt is drawing a card from the deck. The card contributes to your hand that is picked at the end of the round.
Note: It is important to remember that for this game a putt is defined as a stroke from the putting surface.  A 2-putt from the fringe is considered a 1-putt. 

After the round everyone gets at least five playing cards.  It is best to use 2 decks of cards or more.  You then get an additional card for every one putt during the round.  For example, if you had eight 1-putts you will have 13 cards.  From there, the best poker hand wins the pot.  If you played poorly on the day, you have one last chance to win some money back!

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