Yolk with Doak Episode 15: A new course at Tara Iti, a Memorial Park update and Renaissance Club

In the return of the Yolk with Doak, Tom Doak joins to talk about his recent news. Tom and Andy talk about his new planned public course at Tara Iti in New Zealand, the Renaissance Club and the progress of Houston's Memorial Park and how it's been working with Brooks Koepka.

Episode 145: Charlie Danielson

Charlie Danielson joins the podcast after making the cut at the 2019 U.S. Open. Charlie and Andy discuss his qualifying for the U.S. Open after a major knee surgery that has kept him out of competition for the past year. Charlie goes into the transition from 4-time All-American at the University of Illinois to playing professionally and how the injury has made him reflect. Charlie also talks about his Saturday pairing with Phil at Pebble Beach and how it setup differently from his 2016 U.S. Open venue, Oakmont. 

Episode 144: Geoff Ogilvy - U.S. Open, Pebble, Winged Foot and life as a pro

Geoff Ogilvy stops by in Monterey to talk the U.S. Open. Geoff and Andy discuss the U.S. Open's identity, his win in 2006, how par has changed and much more.

Episode 143: Pebble Beach Golf Links with Garrett Morrison

The Fried Egg's Managing Editor Garrett Morrison joins the podcast to talk about his new role with The Fried Egg and this week's U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Garrett and Andy discuss what makes Pebble Beach a great golf course and a championship test that has endured 100 years.

Episode 142: Ryan French - Sectional Qualifiers

In part two of our conversation with Monday Qualifier Founder Ryan French we zero in on the U.S. Open and its Sectional Qualifying. Ryan and Andy kick off the discuss the Web.com Tour putting an event opposite the U.S. Open and the difficult position it puts its players in. Then Ryan dives into some of the players who qualified and their interesting back stories which include funding their golf careers through Golden Tee.

Episode 141: Ryan French - Monday Q Info - Part 1

The man behind the famed Monday Q Info (@acaseofthegolf1) Twitter account, Ryan French joins Andy to discuss how he started his account and Monday Qualifiers and Mini Tour golf. Ryan discusses where his interest in Monday Qualifiers and Mini-Tour stems from and some of his favorite stories since starting the account. In part two Ryan and Andy discuss the U.S. Open Sectional qualifying and some of the back stories behind the lesser known players.

Episode 140: Seth Raynor & CC of Charleston with Anthony Pioppi

Author, historian, Executive Director of the Seth Raynor Society and podcast host Anthony Pioppi joins Andy to discuss Seth Raynor and this week's U.S. Women's Open host, Country Club of Charleston. Anthony discusses Raynor's career and how he got into golf as well as his famed template holes and what he expects from this week's tournament. 

Episode 139: Blake Conant - PGA Championship setup and Brooks' win

Andy is joined by up and coming architect Blake Conant to discuss the 2019 PGA Championship. Blake and Andy talk about the week at Bethpage and the PGA's setup of the course and how it effected the championship. They also discuss it compared to Erin Hills and Blake talks about what he would like to see more of in the professional game.

Episode 138: Geoff Ogilvy - 2019 PGA Championship, Bethpage Black, Brooks Koepka and more

The second half of Andy's latest conversation with Geoff Ogilvy centers in on the 2019 PGA Championship at Bethpage. Geoff gives his thoughts on the new schedule and the PGA's place in golf. They then discuss Brooks Koepka and his unbelievable run in majors and public perception. They close with a discussion on Bethpage Black, what type of players will succeed and what makes it a special venue.

Episode 137: Geoff Ogilvy - Tiger's win, putting & Trinity Forest

Geoff Ogilvy joins the podcast to chat Tiger's win at the Masters and what he thought of Sunday. Andy and Geoff then discuss par and its relation to Trinity Forest.

Episode 136: David Zinkand

Golf course architect David Zinkand joins the podcast to talk about his career. Andy and Dave discuss his time in college at Cornell and the Dreer Award and the opportunity to study abroad that came with it. Dave talks about how that experience altered his perception of golf course architecture and served as the foundation for his career. The conversation then flows through the distinct differences Dave experienced working for Arthur Hills versus architects such as Gil Hanse and Coore & Crenshaw. Andy and Dave then talk about a few of Dave's project work at Desert Forest, Old Elm and upcoming work to Canal Shores. 

Episode 135: Geoff Shackelford - Rustic Canyon, Municipal Golf, Superintendents and Photography

In part two of our latest podcast with Geoff Shackelford, Andy and Geoff discuss the design of Rustic Canyon. They discuss the role of affordable golf and more importantly, municipal golf as well as the superintendent industry. Geoff also asks Andy about the progression of his drone photography. If you missed part one check it out as the two talk about the recent happenings in golf.

Episode 134: Geoff Shackelford - Part I

Golf Channel and Golfweek contributor Geoff Shackelford joins the podcast to discuss the recent happenings in golf. Part one of Andy and Geoff's conversation starts with thoughts on Augusta's setup before meandering to the youth invasion in the game and technology. They then talk about the schedule and the good and bad of the condensed season. Part Two of the podcast will air later this week.

Episode 133: The California Golf Club

Former California Golf Club President Allan Jamieson and revered Golf Historian David Normoyle join the podcast to discuss the California Golf Club and their ambitious renovation effort in 2006. The podcast starts with an interview with Allan Jamieson discussing the politics of the club and dynamics of the club before and after the renovation. Following Allan's interview, David Normoyle joins to discuss the intricacies of the California Golf Club's history and all the aspects that went into the renovation with Kyle Phillips.

Episode 132: Introducing the National Links Trust

Michael McCartin and Will Smith join Andy to discuss their new non-profit The National Links Trust. They discuss the importance of municipal golf and the organizations vision and goals. To sign up for the National Links Trust's newsletter, visit their website here: https://www.nationallinkstrust.com/

Episode 131: 2019 Masters Recap with Shane Bacon

Fox Sports’ Shane Bacon joins Andy as they recap the 2019 Masters Tournament. They talk Tiger, his legacy, his style of play, Francesco, and others who had a chance this week. The two also discuss what lies ahead for the rest of 2019 and who has the best chances in majors moving forward.

Epiosde 130: Geoff Ogilvy - Final 9 at Augusta National

Geoff Ogilvy joins the podcast to talk about Augusta National. Geoff breaks down each hole and what makes it an unbelievable closing stretch. 

Episode 129: Geoff Ogilvy - The Front 9 at Augusta National

Geoff Ogilvy joins the podcast for another Masters episode. Andy and Geoff dive deep into playing Augusta National detailing the subtle design aspects that make the course a masterpiece. In this episode they discuss the front nine at Augusta National, the psychology of playing the course as a competitor and much more.

Episode 128: Geoff Ogilvy - Playing in the Masters

Geoff Ogilvy joins The Fried Egg podcast to discuss all things Masters. Geoff and And talk about what it’s like to be a rookie at Augusta, the feeling of being in contention on Sunday, how he learned to prepare for the event, and much more. They also discuss the agronomy at Augusta National and how the course sets up unlike any other on tour.

Episode 127: 2019 Masters Preview with Sean Martin

PGA Tour Senior Editor Sean Martin joins the podcast to preview the Masters. Andy and Sean discuss the biggest surprises from the 2019 season thus far and dive into the nitty gritty on the 2019 Masters. Learn why Sean is just lukewarm on Tiger's chances and the pair retell Monty's reaction to the 1997 Saturday pairing with Woods.

Episode 126: Aiken Golf Club

Andy is joined by Aiken Golf Club owner Jim McNair and golf course architect Blake Conant. Andy talks with Jim about how he and his family came to be owners of Aiken Golf Club and its rich, eventful history. Jim goes into detail about the renovation that he led in 1996 despite having no experience in architecture or construction and a small staff of 3. Following Jim, Andy calls Blake Conant to talk more about the golf course and what stuck most with Blake.

Episode 125: Eric Lippert - Head Professional at Pebble Beach

Andy recaps his visit to Pebble Beach Golf Links for the Summit and is joined by Pebble Beach's Head Pro, Eric Lippert. They discuss Eric's path to Pebble, his playing career, this year's U.S. Open and advice for a first timer to the resort.

Episode 124: Loss aversion in professional golf

University of Denver Professor Andrew Urbaczewski and Ryan Elmore join the podcast to discuss their paper on Loss Aversion in Professional Golf. Andrew and Ryan took a look at the effect that the change in par on the 2nd hole at Pebble Beach and 9th hole at Oakmont had on scoring in the U.S. Open. Read their paper here and listen to the podcast to learn about how changing the way you view par could change your scores for the better.

Episode 123: Ran Morissettt

Golf Club Atlas Founder Ran Morrissett joins the podcast. Ran and Andy discuss dogs on golf courses, the founding of Golf Club Atlas, critiquing golf courses, Ran's 147 Custodians and much more.

Yolk with Doak: Episode 14: Confidential Guide Volume 5 and visiting courses

In the latest edition of the Yolk with Doak, Andy and Tom Doak discuss his latest book, The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses: Volume 5. Tom discusses traveling through India and the unique golf courses and cultures. Tom also talks about a future book project centered around the topic of routing.

Episode 122: Geoff Ogilvy - The Players, Majors and The Vic Open

In part two of our most recent podcast with Geoff Ogilvy we discuss the PGA Tour's developing classes of events. Geoff talks about what he likes about invitationals and bigger events as a player. Andy and Geoff also talk about the PLAYERS and its attempt to become a major. The conversation wraps up talking about Geoff's most recent tournament playing the Vic Open a congruent event with the European Tour and LPGA Tour.

Episode 121: Geoff Ogilvy - Riviera, Slow Play & Adapting to modern equipment

Former U.S. Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy joins the podcast to discuss the latest happenings in golf. Andy and Geoff discuss the transition to the modern equipment including the low-spin and modern ball. They then talk about the weekend at Riviera, Geoff lends insight into what makes Riviera a course where veterans thrive and the two discuss potential solutions for slow play. Part two of the podcast will be released later this week.

Episode 120: Luke Donald

PGA Tour star Luke Donald joins the podcast to talk about his career. Luke and Andy discuss how he got to world #1, his favorite courses on Tour, how he practices, his top moments and much more. 

Episode 119: LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan

LPGA Tour Commissioner Mike Whan joins the podcast. Mike talks about his aggressive approach to improving the LPGA Tour and what has succeeded and fallen short. He also discusses a few future ideas and what he's looking forward to in 2019. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

Episode 118: Ian Fillmore - Economist and co-author of Technological Change and Obsolete Skills: Evidence from Men’s Professional Tennis

What effect does technology have on golf? Maybe the question lies not in golf but elsewhere...

Economist Ian Fillmore joins us to discuss how the change from wooden racquets to composite racquets in tennis parallels the game of golf. Ian is an associate professor at Washington University of St. Louis and earned his PHD from the University of Chicago. You can read he and Jonathan Hall's paper Technological Change and Obsolete Skills: Evidence from Men’s Professional Tennis (link) and follow his website (link). 

Episode 117: Curtis James

Old Elm Club's Director of Agronomy Curtis James joins the podcast. Andy and Curtis discuss his background, how agronomy and turf work together, how a municipal course could improve on a shoestring budget and the transformation of the Old Elm Club.

Episode 116: Geoff Ogilvy - Scotland,and challenging vs hard golf

Geoff Ogilvy and Andy talk about Geoff’s recent trip to Scotland and the allure of links golf.  Geoff talks about the compelling aspects of women’s professional golf and how their game showcase architecture. Then the two discuss the idea of challenging versus hard golf.

Episode 115: Geoff Ogilvy - Hawaii Swing, New Rules and challenging pros

In the first episode of our new series with former U.S. Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy, Andy and Geoff discuss Waialae and Kapalua and their unique challenges. They also dive into what they like and don't like about the new rules in golf as well as testing the world's best players.

The Yolk with Doak - Episode 13: Memorial Park and the PGA Tour

Tom Doak joins Andy to discuss his new project redesigning Houston’s Memorial Park Golf Course. The popular municipal design is planning on hosting the 2020 Houston Open. Doak talks about his plans for the site, working with Brooks Koepka and some of his thoughts on testing Tour pros.

Episode 114: Roberto Castro Part II

PGA Tour player Roberto Castro joins The Fried Egg podcast for part 2. He and Andy talk how he builds his schedule, golf design trends, pace of play on the PGA Tour and much more.

Episode 113: Roberto Castro Part I

PGA Tour player Roberto Castro joins the podcast. In part one, Andy and Roberto talk about the role of golf course architecture in golf, Roberto's time on the PGA Tour and Web.com Tour and how distance has changed the game. Roberto also discusses the difference in major championship setups to the regular week setup and how winning is underrated. 

Episode 112: Michael McCartin & East Potomac Park GC

Andy is joined by golf course architect Michael McCartin to talk about municipal golf, specifically Washington DC's East Potomac Golf Course. The conversation starts with Michael's background and how he got into golf course architecture working for Tom Doak and Renaissance Golf Design. The two then get into a discussion about Michael's graduate school thesis (read here) on Washington DC's East Potomac Park Golf Course. Upon opening, the reversible Walter Travis design became one of the nation's most popular and greatest municipal golf facilities. Today, it's a shell of its original self but has an opportunity (thanks to an upcoming change in management) that will allow for capital improvements.

Episode 111: Patrick Boyd Part II

Patrick Boyd is the founder of National Custom Works and Boyd Blade and Ferrule. Patrick is one of the few people in golf making hand-crafted irons and also sports a wealth of golf course architecture. In part two we discuss fun golf courses, the fair police and take a trip down memory lane talking golf equipment of the yesteryear. If you missed part one, check it out and learn about Patrick's background and how he got into the equipment industry. 

Episode 110: Patrick Boyd Part I

Andy is joined by Patrick Boyd founder of National Custom Irons and golf course architecture nut. They discuss Patrick’s company, custom irons, his role at Sweetens Cove and much more.

The Yolk with Doak - Episode 12: Sand Valley, golf in England and listener Q&A

In the latest edition of the Yolk with Doak, Tom Doak discusses his new project at Sand Valley. The two discuss Tom's desire to do different types of projects, his affinity for golf in England and then answer some listener questions.

Episode 109: Colin Sheehan Part III

Andy and Colin discuss the start of the Outpost Club, developing courses, caddying and much more. If you missed Part I or Part II of our podcast with Colin check them out.

Episode 108: Colin Sheehan Part II

In part two of a three part podcast, Colin and Andy discuss Colin's career as a writer, golf architecture, golf in the UK and much more. 

Episode 107: Colin Sheehan Part I

The Fried Egg podcast is back with Yale Golf Coach Colin Sheehan. In part one, Andy and Colin discuss a wide range of topics from collegiate golf to golf course architecture. Part two will air on Monday, November 5th.

Episode 106: Cobbs Creek Golf Course

Joe Bausch and Mike Cirba join the podcast to discuss their work on the Cobbs Creek restoration project. Joe and Mike have been working tirelessly to get the Hugh Wilson municipal design restored over the past 11 years. We discuss the course's history, what spurred the restoration effort and the future of Cobbs. 

For more information on Cobbs check out following links

Friends of Cobb's Creek

Golf Club Atlas Thread

Bausch Photo Collection

Bausch History Collection

Episode 105: Shane Bacon

Fox play-by-play commentator and host of the Clubhouse podcast Shane Bacon joins the podcast. We talk about how Shane got into the golf business, the USGA calendar, the upcoming Ryder Cup and much more. 

Episode 104: 2018 PGA Championship Recap

SB Nation's Brendan Porath and ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg join the podcast to recap a wild 2018 PGA. We discuss, Brooks Koepka, Tiger's run, Adam Scott's close call, the golf course and much more.

Episoode 103: 2018 PGA Championship Preview

SB Nation's Brendan Porath and ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg join the podcast to preview the 2018 PGA Championship. We discuss last week's Bridgestone, who has the most to gain from a win at Bellerive and even have a drop in weather report from Gary Player. 

Episode 102: Changing golf with Kevin Van Valkenburg

ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg joins Andy Johnson to discuss the changes each one of them would make to golf if they had the chance. They also discuss the recent happenings on Tour and look ahead to the PGA Championship. 

Episode 101: 2018 Open Championship Recap

Brendan Porath and Sean Martin are back to recap the thrilling 2018 Open Championship. We talk Molinari's win, Tiger's surge, Rory, Spieth Xander and look ahead to the PGA.

Episode 100: Open Championship Preview

Brendan Porath and Sean Martin are back to preview this week's Open Championship! Sean gives us his on the ground report while Brendan breaks down the keys to staying awake for the whole Open. 

Episode 99: Chicago Golf Club

Chicago Golf Club Historian John Moran and Superintendent Scott Bordner join the podcast to discuss their historic course and the 2018 U.S. Senior Women's Open.

Episode 98: Andrew Green Part II

The second part of our podcast with golf course architect Andrew Green is live. In part two we discuss Andrew’s restoration projects which include Inverness, Oak Hill and Scioto among others.

Episode 97: Andrew Green - Part I

Golf course architect Andrew Green joins the pod for the first of a two part podcast. In part I Andrew discusses how he got into golf, how he approaches his business, his recent trip to Scotland and much more.

Episode 96: Casey Krahenbuhl

Casey Krahenbuhl joins the podcast to talk golf course architecture. We discuss the whether today's architects would design better courses than the golden age architects, Casey's recent work for David McLay Kidd at Mammoth Dunes and much more. 

Episode 95: U.S. Open Recap with Brendan Porath and Sean Martin

Brendan Porath and Sean Martin join the podcast to discuss the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills. We discuss Brooks Koepka's win, the course setup, Phil and much more.

Episode 94: U.S. Open Preview Podcast with Brendan Porath and Sean Martin

The PGA Tour's Sean Martin and SB Nation's Brendan Porath joined the podcast to preview the 2018 U.S. Open. We discuss Shinnecock Hills, players we like, dream U.S. Open rotas and much more.

Episode 93: U.S. Open Picks with Paulie

Our resident picks expert Paulie drops by the podcast to talk U.S. Open. We talk one and done, draftkings, longshots and strategy for this week's U.S. Open

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 11: Michigan Golf

Tom Doak and Don Placek join the podcast to discuss their favorite golf courses in the state of Michigan.

Episode 92: Eamon Lynch

While attending Mammoth Dunes’ opening day, Golfweek contributor Eamon Lynch joined the podcast to discuss the Sand Valley resort, golf in the UK vs US, the PGA Tour schedule to date and the upcoming U.S. Open.

Episode 91: Geoff Shackelford

Golf analyst and noted golf course architecture expert Geoff Shackelford joins the podcast to discuss the AT&T Byron Nelson at Trinity Forest, the upcoming PGA Tour schedule and the future schedule.

Episode 90: Gil Hanse Part II

In part two of the Gil Hanse podcast, Andy and Gil discuss some of Gil’s latest projects, how he’d split ten rounds of golf across America and much more.

Episode 89: Gil Hanse Part I

Golf course architect Gil Hanse joins the podcast for a two-part podcast. In part one he discusses his career to date, golden age architecture, the Olympic Course in Rio and much more.

Episode 88: 2018 Players Preview

The PGA Tour's Sean Martin and SB Nation's Brendan Porath join the podcast to preview the 2018 PLAYERS Championship. We talk about players who have surprised and disappointed, the course and our picks for this week's tournament.

Episode 87: Bill Coore and Jim Craig at Sand Valley

Live from Sand Valley’s opening day festivities Andy Johnson is joined by Bill Coore and Jim Craig of the renowned Coore & Crenshaw design firm. They talked about their brand new par-3 course The Sandbox, their 18-hole Sand Valley design, working for the Keisers and more.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 10: The Loop

In this episode, Andy Johnson and Tom Doak are joined by Renaissance Golf Design Associate Don Placek to discuss the Loop, the revolutionary reversible golf course in Michigan. 

Episode 86: Geoff Ogilvy - Part II

In this episode, Geoff talks about how he got into golf course architecture, strategy, PGA Tour setups, his thoughts on TPC courses, and much more. If you missed part I be sure to check it out!

Episode 85: Geoff Ogilvy Part I

2006 U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy joins the podcast. Geoff and Andy talk about his career on the PGA Tour, whether winning is overrated, why the Masters is the greatest event in golf and much more.

Episode 84: Tyler Rae

Golf course architect Tyler Rae joins the podcast to talk about his career. We begin our conversation with a lengthy discussion on the brilliance of Donald Ross, his most under the radar designs, his best designs and talents. The conversation then moved to Tyler’s career and experiences working for Keith Foster, Coore & Crenshaw and Ron Prichard.

Episode 83: Andy Staples

Golf course architect Andy Staples joins the podcast to discuss his career. We dive into his affinity and passion for Community golf, his restoration of Meadowbrook C.C. and what he learned about Willie Park, courses that have inspired him, restoration and renovation and much more. 

2018 Masters Recap with Brendan Porath

Brendan Porath joins the podcast to discuss the 2018 Masters. We talk Patrick Reed, Rickie, Spieth, Rory and much more. 

2018 Masters: Sunday Preview

Will Knights joined the podcast to breakdown Saturday's action and look ahead to Sunday's final round.

2018 Masters Preview

I am joined by the PGA Tour's Sean Martin, SB Nation's Brendan Porath and the Creative Director for Summit Golf Brands Billy Draddy. We talk about what we love about the Masters, our favorite storylines going into the week, Phil's practice round outfit, Masters scripting and who we like to win the 2018 Masters. 

2018 Masters: Paulie's Picks

Paulie joins the podcast to discuss strategies and players for DraftKings, office pools and one and done leagues. 

Augusta Archives: Stewart Hagestad

2017 Masters low amateur winner Stewart Hagestad joins the podcast. We discuss his run in the 2017 Masters, how he prepared for the week, his favorite holes at Augusta National and much more.

Augusta Archives: Craig Stadler

1982 Masters Champion Craig Stadler joins the podcast to talk about Augusta and the Masters. A few of the topics we discuss include the Champions dinner, Craig's win, what about Augusta fit his game, the future of the Masters and much more.

Augusta Archives: Steve Scott

Welcome to the Augusta Archives, conversations with present and former Masters competitors. In this episode 1997 participant Steve Scott joins the podcast to talk about his experience in the Masters, the golf course and his favorite memories from his week at Augusta.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 9: Routing Part II

Welcome back for part two of our discussion with Tom Doak and Don Placek about routing, one of the most difficult and important aspects of golf course design.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 8: Routing Part I

Tom and I are joined by Renaissance Golf Associate Don Placek. Besides aiding in the every aspect of projects, Don is also responsible for Renaissance's artwork. Don, Tom and I jump into the endless discussion that is routing. Enjoy. 

Episode 82: Superintendent Roundtable

A few of the brightest young stars in the superintendent industry join the podcast. Shoreacres' Brian Palmer, Glen View Club's Brian Moore, Bob O' Link's Scott Pavalko and fellow golf nerd Jason Way joined for the first ever live podcast at Oak Park C.C.. We discussed their careers, working with architects, restoring Golden Age courses and much more.

Episode 81: Zac Blair

PGA Tour player Zac Blair joins the podcast to talk about Northern California golf, Jack Nicklaus stories, PGA Tour setups and best golf cities.

Episode 80: Recapping Tiger at the Valspar

SB Nation’s Brendan Porath and the PGA Tour’s Sean Martin join the podcast to talk about Tiger’s performance, what we expect going forward, Sam Burns, Augusta and much more.

Episode 79: Arron Oberholser

Arron Oberholser joins the podcast to catch up about the start of the PGA Tour season. We kick off the conversation discussing a few San Francisco golf courses and the notion of score to par vs. shot values for professional golf. We then dive into Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, the WGC schedule and much more. 

Episode 78: Ed Loar

Web.com Tour professional Ed Loar joins the podcast to talk about his career. Ed is one of the older guys on the Web.com Tour and has played golf on almost every Tour in the world. We discuss the ups and downs of golf, his recent stretch of great play on the Web.com Tour and how professional golf has changed over the years.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 7: Renaissance Golf, George Thomas and Bel-Air CC Part III

The third and final part of the latest episode of the Yolk with Doak is live. In this episode we continue to discuss George Thomas, Bel-Air CC and golf course architecture as a whole with Tom Doak and his associates.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 6 - Renaissance Golf, George Thomas and Bel-Air CC Part II

In part II of the Renaissance Golf, George Thomas and Bel-Air CC episode, Tom and his associates Eric Iverson, Brian Schneider, Blake Conant and Kye Goalby discuss the career of George Thomas and his Bel-Air design.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 5 - Renaissance Golf, George Thomas and Bel-Air C.C.

In the latest edition of the Yolk with Doak, Andy Johnson talks with Tom Doak and Renaissance associates Eric Iverson, Brian Schneider, Kye Goalby and Blake Conant. In part one of the three part podcast they cover how Renaissance Golf and golf course construction works before diving into George Thomas and Bel-Air C.C. in part two. 

Episode 77: Sean Tully

Zac Blair and I are joined by golf course superintendent and historian Sean Tully. We discuss Northern California golf, Alister MacKenzie, technology, Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, robot mowers and much more.

Episode 76: Michael Weaver

Kyle Nathan and Andy Johnson are joined by Web.com Tour Player Michael Weaver. We discuss how Michael got into golf, the Latin American Tour, his run at the 2012 U.S. Amateur, playing in the Masters and much more.

Episode 75: 2018 Waste Management Open

Paulie and Kyle Nathan join to breakdown who to pick for one and done leagues and DraftKings at TPC Scottsdale. 

Episode 74: Brandel Chamblee

Kyle Nathan and Andy Johnson are joined by Golf Channel Analyst, former PGA Tour player and author Brandel Chamblee. We discuss Jon Rahm's ascension, the modern golf swing, technology, Tiger Woods and much more. 

Episode 73: 2018 Farmers Insurance Preview

Kyle Nathan and Paulie join the podcast to discuss last week's CareerBuilder and Abu Dhabi events. We then discuss Tiger's return and the rest of the field at Torrey Pines for this year's Farmers Insurance

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 4 - Streamsong

In this episode, we discuss the building of the Florida golf mecca, Streamsong. The building of Tom's Blue course and Coore & Crenshaw's Red course was one of the most unique and collaborative in the history of golf.

Episode 72: Mike Cocking

Australian Golf Course Architect Mike Cocking joins the podcast to discuss his career. Mike works with Michael Clayton, Geoff Ogilvy and Ashley Mead (OCCM), we discussed how he got into design, some of their recent projects, the history of Australian architecture and the ideal itinerary for an Australian golf trip. 

Episode 71: 2018 CareerBuilder Preview

Paulie and Kyle Nathan join the podcast to recap the Sony Open and preview the CareerBuilder. Paulie lends his expertise navigating the field and picking out some players for one and done and DraftKings. We also dive into some listener questions and overrated/underrateds.

Episode 70: Richie Ramsay

European Tour winner and former U.S. Amateur champion Richie Ramsay joins the podcast. We discuss Richie's career, turning pro before a Walker Cup, Anthony Kim and his favorite courses in the British Isles.

Episode 69: 2018 Sony Open Preview and Picks

Our resident fantasy expert Paulie joins the podcast to talk about the Tournament of Champions, who to pick for one and done and Draftkings at the Sony and some predictions for 2018.

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 3 - Waialae C.C., The Sony Open and Seth Raynor

In the latest episode of The Yolk with Doak, we discuss Tom's consulting work at Seth Raynor designed Waialae Country Club, host course of the Sony Open. We talk about the changes to Waialae over the years, what he learns from PGA Tour players, Seth Raynor and much more.  

Episode 68: Jim Urbina Part II

In part two of the Jim Urbina podcast we discuss Jim's background, C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor's use of templates, the importance of superintendents and the building of Old Macdonald. 

Episode 67: Jim Urbina Part I

Golf course architect Jim Urbina joined the podcast for a two part episode. We discuss restoration, easy things courses can do to improve, Perry Maxwell, Alister MacKenzie, his California courses and much more.

Episode 66: Jon Cavalier & Zac Blair - 2017 Golf Season Rehash

Jon Cavalier and Zac Blair join the podcast to discuss the 2017 golf year. We breakdown the ten best "new to us" courses that we saw, a few courses that surprised us, architecture, our plans for 2018 and much more. We discussed Jon's calendar in the podcast, to purchase the calendar check out these instructions - https://twitter.com/LinksGems/status/940726753152131075

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Episode 2: The Yolk with Doak: Golf Course Architecture 101 Part II

In part two of Golf Course Architecture 101, Tom Doak discusses what makes a great green complex, front to back sloping greens, best golf course architecture books for beginners and dive into some overrated/underrateds. 

Episode 65: Mark Broadie

Mark Broadie joins Kyle Nathan and Andy Johnson to talk about golf statistics. We discuss how he came up with the strokes gained statistics, how they work, the world rankings, who he expects to breakout in 2017 and much more. 

The Yolk with Doak: Episode 1 - Golf Course Architecture 101 Part I

Tom Doak and Andy Johnson discuss Golf Course Architecture 101. In the first of a two part episode, Tom elaborates on what golf course architecture is, the different schools of design, routing and much more.

Episode 64: Hero Debrief with Adam Sarson and Brendan Porath

Brendan Porath and Adam Sarson joined the podcast to talk about Tiger’s return at the Hero and what to expect in 2018. We also touch on our favorite moments of 2017, make predictions for 2018 and talk about Tiger’s Monster sponsorship.

Episode 63: Paul Goydos

PGA Tour Champions star and 2-time PGA Tour winner Paul Goydos joins the podcast to talk about his career, Tiger Woods, bifurication and much more!

Episode 62: Mailbag Podcast

Kyle Nathan joins the podcast to answer your questions. The conversation hits extensively on the ball and today's professional game, Rickie Fowler and Justin Rose's career, the Hall of Fame and architects, and a slew of overrated/underrateds. 

Episode 61: Keith Foster

Golf course architect Keith Foster joins the podcast to talk about his career. Our discussion includes trees, the restoration process, his solo work, Colt and Alison and A.W. Tillinghast.

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Episode 60: Bill Coore Part II

In part II, Bill discusses the concept of par, Trinity Forest and challenging the world's best and answers some listener questions. If you missed part I listen to it here.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. If you enjoy it, please rate and review the podcast!

Episode 59: Bill Coore Part I

Legendary golf course architect Bill Coore joins the podcast to talk about his career in golf. In part I, we discuss the architects and courses who have had the most influence on his career and go into detail in some of his most famous projects. Listen to part 2 of the podcast here

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Episode 58: Kyle Franz Part II

In part II of the Kyle Franz podcast we talk about golf in the British Isles, the ground game and professional golf, desert golf and overrated/underrated. If you haven't checked out Part I, listen here

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Episode 57: Kyle Franz Part I

Golf course architect Kyle Franz joins the podcast to discuss his career and golf course architecture. In part I, Kyle talks about his background, working with some of today's great architects and Donald Ross and other great golden age architects.

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Episode 56: A Design Discussion with Jay Blasi & Brett Hochstein

Architects Jay Blasi and Brett Hochstein join the pod to discuss the dark ages of golf course architecture and what the future holds for those courses.

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Episode 55: Curtis Tyrrell

I am joined by Medinah Country Club's Director of Grounds Curtis Tyrrell. We talk about how he got into the industry, his experience renovating courses with Rees Jones and Tom Doak, stories from hosting a Ryder Cup and much more.

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Episode 54: The Buck Club

I am joined by Zac Blair and DJ Piehowski to talk golf course architecture and The Buck Club.

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Episode 53: Post Presidents Cup Mailbag

Kyle Nathan (@drawsnfades) joins the podcast to answer your questions about the Presidents Cup, the new PGA Tour season, mid am regulations and much more.

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Episode 52: Kyle Hegland

Sand Hills Superintendent and golf course architecture nut Kyle Hegland and I sat down to talk in the Sand Hills library over the weekend. We talk about the drastic temperatures and unique challenges of maintaining Sand Hills, the genius of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, golf course architecture and much more. 

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Episode 51: PGA Tour Season Review & Presidents Cup Preview

SB Nation's Brendan Porath and the PGA Tour's Sean Martin join the podcast to talk about the 2016-2017 PGA Tour season, the young stars of the PGA Tour, the Presidents Cup and much more. 

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Episode 50: FedEx Cup Mailbag

Kyle Nathan (@drawsnfades) joins the podcast to talk FedEx Cup and answer mailbag questions. 

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Episode 49: Patrick Newcomb

Mackenzie Tour and Latin American Tour star Patrick Newcomb joins the podcast to talk about his strong 2017 season. We talk about bucket hats, his start at this week's Portugal Masters, playing around the world and much more.

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Episode 48: Mailbag III

Kyle Nathan @drawsnfades joins the podcast to answer listener questions. We talk about Augusta National's new Chairman Fred Ridley, the FedEx Cup, the U.S. Am, the Walker Cup selections and much more. 

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Episode 47: Jay Blasi

I am joined with golf course architect Jay Blasi. Jay and I discuss the future of golf course design, technology, Sharp Park, the reaction to Chambers Bay and much more.

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Episode 46: Mike DeVries

I am joined by golf course architect Mike DeVries. We talk about his background and how he got into architect, the philosophy of routing, golden age architects and much more.

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Episode 45: 3 Man Weave with DJ Piehowski & Tron Carter

DJ Piehowski and Tron Carter join the pod to talk about the battle for the final top 125 spots We talk about relegation, the idea of a Death Panel and to answer listener questions.

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Episode 44: Post PGA Championship Mailbag Podcast

Kyle Nathan @drawsnfades joins the podcast to answer mailbag questions and recap the PGA Championship. We discuss Justin Thomas, Louis Oosthuizen, some golf course architecture and Mid-Am Golf. If you want to ask a question for the next mailbag do so here and as always if you enjoy the podcast please rate and review us in iTunes and Stitcher.

Episode 43: Mailbag Pod

Kyle Nathan @drawsnfades joins the pod to answer the latest mailbag questions. We talk PGA Championship coverage, future PGA sites, a potential PGA Tour stock market and much more. 

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Episode 42: Talking PGA, U.S. Am & Walker Cup with Sean Martin

The PGA Tour's Sean Martin comes on the podcast to discuss the U.S. Amateur, Walker Cup and PGA Championship. The conversation floats between the subjects and also touches on technology, the business side of amateur golf and much more. Sean mentioned a piece he wrote on Brian Harman at the end of the podcast, here's the link to it. 

Episode 41: PGA Championship Picks with Paulie

Our resident picks guru @friedeggpaulie joined the podcast to breakdown who he likes at this week's PGA Championship. We talk about the changes made to Quail Hollow and who it should help at 2017's final major championship. 

Episode 40: Brian Silva

Golf course architect Brian Silva joins the podcast to talk about his career. The conversation meanders from how he got his start in the industry, the essence of strategy and template holes. 

Episode 39: 2017 Open Championship Recap

DJ Piehowski and Tron Carter joined the pod to recap what we saw at Birkdale. We talked extensively about Kuchar's tough loss and what Spieth's trajectory is.

Episode 38: 2017 Open Championship Preview

Skratch's DJ Piehowski and No Laying Up's Tron Carter join the podcast to preview this year's Open. We dive into Royal Birkdale, Bryson's big win at the Deere, Rory's struggles and our picks to win. If you enjoy the podcast, please rate and review it in the iTunes store. 
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Episode 37: Dr. Greg Cartin

Sports psychologist Dr. Greg Cartin joins the podcast to speak about how to think while on the golf course. Dr. Greg works with a handful of PGA and Web.com Tour players to get them to maximize their results on the course.  

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Episode 36: Geoff Shackelford

Golf writer and golf course architecture expert Geoff Shackelford joins the podcast. We discuss a variety of topics including golf course architecture, technology and professional golf.

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Episode 35: Scott Fawcett

Scott Fawcett joins the podcast to talk about how he works with Tour professionals and elite amateur players to manage their games better. Scott's DECADE system is being used by 25 Tour players and many of the top college programs. We talk about what the DECADE system is, how he came up with it and how he puts it in practice with his students and himself. 

Episode 34: U.S. Open Recap

DJ Piehowski and Brendan Porath join the pod to rehash the 2017 U.S. Open. We discuss Brooks Koepka's win and his future major championship prospects, JT and Rickie, who impressed and Erin Hills. 

Episode 33: U.S. Open Preview

I am joined by DJ Piehowski and Brendan Porath to discuss this week's U.S. Open at Erin Hills. We dive deep into the hoopla which is the U.S. Open, Erin Hills, the superstars, young guys trying to get a major and the older players who are trying to add to their legacies. 


Episode 32: David Esler

I am joined by golf course architect David Esler to talk about his career, his playing days at Ohio State and what has come of the Scarlet Course, some of his projects including his new Oregon coastline course Pacific Gales and much more.

Episode 31: Lance Ringler

I am joined by Golfweek's Lance Ringler to recap what's happened so far at the NCAA Men's Championship and look ahead to the final three days. Lance talks about how he got into college golf, some of his favorite players and we discuss what has surprised us and impressed us from this year's championship. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher.

Episode 30: Wyndham Clark

College's top ranked player, Oregon's Wyndham Clark joins the podcast to talk golf before this weekend's NCAA Championship. We talk about how he got into golf, what it's like to play at Oregon and his plans after graduation.


Episode 29: Zac Blair, Tron Carter and DJ Piehowski

Zac Blair joins the three man weave to discuss his Players, the 9 he made on 17, Johnny Miller and much more.

Episode 28: Steve Wenzloff

The PGA Tour's VP Of Design Services Steve Wenzloff joins the podcast to discuss the changes made at TPC Sawgrass and how they approach renovations and builds to PGA Tour venues. 

Episode 27: PLAYERS Preview

The pod is onsite as I am joined by No Laying Up's Tron Carter and Skratch's DJ Piehowski to discuss the PLAYERS and the mystery of Ken Duke's snub.

Episode 26: Jeff Mingay

Golf course architect Jeff Mingay joins the podcast to talk about his career, TPC Sawgrass and Augusta National, overlooked great architect AV Macan, music and much more.  Also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Follow @jeff_mingay  

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Episode 25: Jake Nichols

Jake Nichols joins the podcast to talk about analytics and stats on the PGA Tour. Topics covered include who he expects to breakout, how he and the 15th club work with clients, how amateurs can use stats better and much more.

Follow @jalnichols

Also available on iTunes and Stitcher.


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Episode 24: NOLA Preview with Tron Carter & DJ Pie

No Laying Up's Tron Carter and Skratch's DJ Piehowski join the podcast to talk about the Heritage, Valero and to preview the PGA Tour's team event the Zurich Classic. 

Also listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

Episode 23: Riley Johns

I am joined by Riley Johns, a up and coming golf course architect who recently finished his first solo project with Keith Rhebb at Winter Park. Before Winter Park, Riley worked for great architects such as Tom Doak, Coore & Crenshaw and Rod Whitman.

Episode 22: Masters Recap with Tron Carter, Adam Sarson & DJ Piehowski

To breakdown Sergio's major triumph I am joined by Sergio's biggest fan Adam Sarson as well as No Laying Up's Tron Carter and Skratch's DJ Piehowski. 


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Episode 21: Masters Sunday Preview with Tron Carter & Young Neil

I am joined by No Laying Up's Tron Carter and Young Neil to talk about Saturday's action and preview what to expect from Sunday's. 

Episode 20: Tron Carter & DJ Piehowski

No Laying Up's Tron Carter @troncarter and the PGA Tour's DJ Piehowski @djpie join the podcast to discuss the first two rounds of the Masters and what to expect this weekend.

Episode 19: Arron Oberholser


Arron Oberholser joins the podcast to talk golf. We talk about how equipment has changed the game, the upcoming Masters, golf courses and architecture, Tiger Woods chances of playing at Augusta and the Grayson Murray situation.

Episode 18: Nick Hardy & Dylan Meyer

Dylan Meyer & Nick Hardy Pod.png

I am joined by two of Illinois golf stars Nick Hardy and Dylan Meyer. I talk to each of them for a half hour about their golf careers, life in college and Illinois' golf teams. 

Follow Nick and Dylan on Twitter.

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Episode 17: Tom Doak - Part II


Part two of the Tom Doak podcast focuses on Tom's life as a golf course critic and we debut our new regular segment of overrated/underrated. If you missed it here is part 1 of our conversation.

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Episode 16: Tom Doak


I host the illustrious architect Tom Doak. Because of Tom's generosity with his time, we split the podcast into two parts.

Part I focuses on Tom's background, projects and architectural philosophies and in Part II which will be published on Friday, March 17th, we focus on his life as a golf critic and golf courses to see around the globe.  Listen to Part II

Tom recently joined Instagram and is a great follow, his profile is here @doakgolf. And be sure to check out his books if you enjoy golf course architecture and golf courses here

Listen on iTunes 


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Episode 15: Sean Martin

I am joined by the PGA TOUR's Sean Martin. Sean is a longtime scribe for the golf industry and we chat in detail about the PGA TOUR, the future of golf, names of the past and splice in some golf course architecture talk. 

Follow @PGATOURSMartin

A link to Sean's Bryan Brothers piece he mentioned on the Podcast.


Episode 14: Josh Gregory


Two-time National Champion coach at Augusta State and now PGA Tour coach Josh Gregory joins to talk golf, specifically his approach to coaching and his students John Peterson, Kelly Kraft, Patrick Reed and Henrik Norlander.


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Episode 13: Zac Blair & Jon Cavalier

National Golf Links of America Photo Credit: Jon Cavalier @linksgems

National Golf Links of America Photo Credit: Jon Cavalier @linksgems

I am joined by Zac Blair and Jon Cavalier to talk golf courses and architecture. Topics range from Cypress Point and the Monterey Peninsula to architects to template holes and much more.


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Episode 12: Tee-K Kelly

I talk golf with former Ohio State star golfer Tee-K Kelly. Tee-K recently turned professional after a standout amateur and college career, earning full-status on the PGA Tour Latin American Tour for 2017. We talk about how he got into the game, his amateur career, favorite courses and what he is working on to take his game to the next level. 

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Episode 11: Michael Clayton

I chat with Australian golf legend Michael Clayton. We discuss Michael's long career on the European Tour and what it was like to play with Seve Ballesteros, along how technology has been a detriment to the game, and OCCM's latest projects. 


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Episode 10: David McLay Kidd

Our latest guest is one of today's finest architects, David McLay Kidd. David has designed the likes of Bandon Dunes, Nanea Golf Club and Gamble Sands to name a few and is currently working on projects at Sand Valley and Rolling Hills C.C. Our talk covered a wide variety of topics including how he got into architecture, his experience building Bandon Dunes as an unknown architect in his 20s, his Sand Valley and Rolling Hills projects and some nitty gritty architecture talk. Follow David on Twitter using the button below.

Episode 9: Stewart Hagestad

We talk with the 2016 U.S. Mid-Amateur Champion Stewart Hagestad. Stewart had a thrilling victory at Stonewall in September over Scott Harvey and with the win earned himself an invitation to Augusta National for the 2017 Masters. We talk with Stewart about the win at Stonewall, his prep for Augusta, his Walker Cup chances and his friendships with some PGA Tour players. 


Here's the famed Barstool Video that we discussed on the podcast.

Episode 8: Jon Cavalier

We talk golf, photography, golf course architecture and golf courses with the man behind @LinksGems, Jon Cavalier. Get to know Jon better and pick up a few tips on golf course photography and golf courses along the way. 

Follow Jon on Instagram and Twitter.

Follow @LinksGems  

More golf course and architecture content...

Episode 7: Keith Rhebb

Keith and Riley at Winter Park GC

Keith and Riley at Winter Park GC

We talk with Keith Rhebb, one of golf's up and coming architects. Keith has worked for over a decade as an Associate for Coore and Crenshaw and recently finished up his first solo project teaming up with Riley Johns and Blake Conant to build Winter Park GC in Orlando Florida. Keith came on podcast and we talked about how he got into golf course architecture, his experience working with Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the Winter Park project and his goals for the future. 

Follow @KeithRhebb

More on Winter Park from the Golf Channel

Episode 6: Zac Blair

We talk PGA Tour and golf course architecture with PGA Tour pro Zac Blair! Topics range from Zac's unique path to the PGA Tour, his upcoming 2017 schedule, his golf course The Buck Club and a lot of golf course architecture talk. If you don't already follow Zac and the Buck Club on Twitter below. 

Follow @z_blairFollow @TheBuckClub  

Previous podcasts...

Episode 5: Vince India

We talked with Web.com Tour member Vince India about life as a professional golfer, both on and off the course. 

From the podcast, here is John Peterson's Christmas decorations.

Yeah, I lost my mind again this year. New house, new scheme. #took5days #wortheveryminute

A video posted by John Peterson (@jpetepga) on Nov 26, 2016 at 4:43pm PST

Episode 4: Rob Collins

We talk golf course architecture with golf course architect, Rob Collins.  Rob is the principal designer of King Collins Design and responsible for the build and design of Sweetens Cove Golf Club. Listen here: 


Some materials referenced in the podcast: 

Montane Club

Jason Way Geeked on Golf Article

Episode 3: USC Golf Coach Justin Silverstein

We bring back the podcast to talk some college golf with USC's Justin Silverstein! We cover a bevy of topics including USC's program and their fall season, the most impressive college players in the country, how college golf changed in the recent years, and what Justin expects from National Championship site Rich Harvest Farms.

the fried egg podcast: Episode 2 - Jim Herman

Jim Herman.jpg

We spoke with PGA Tour winner Jim Herman about his career thus far, his win at the Shell Houston Open, how he's preparing for the Open Championship, life on tour and golf course architecture.  Hope you enjoy!


A celebration of Chez, Hannah Green’s breakthrough, and JDay’s new bootcamp

After 11 long years, Chez rule returns to the PGA Tour. We celebrate Reavie’s win at the Travelers, marveling at his consistency and where he could go from here. Should he be on the Presidents Cup team to mix it up in Melbourne? Also from Travelers, we discuss Brooksy’s ambivalence, Keegan’s ugly finish, and Jason Day now taking orders from Stevie Williams. On the LPGA, we get to Hannah Green’s first win and first major and what it means for Aussie golf. The Euro Tour’s event in Munich gets a quick review and we update the curious Race to Dubai standings. The Senior event in Madison and the turnout (with highly questionable attendance figures) for the celebrity sideshow prompts a discussion for more varied and smaller markets on Tour.

Michelle Wie’s struggle, return of the Dartboard Tour, and a Bubba flashback Friday

As they say around the office, “It’s Friday!” and we lead off with Louis Oosthuizen’s big crossover night at the NBA Draft. We then head to the weekend with a quick check-in on some of the early action, including the setup for the Women’s PGA at Hazeltine. We discuss Michelle Wie’s tough opening round, her comments about maybe not having much golf left, and her career as a whole. Then we get to the “Dartboard Tour” action in Connecticut, where 41 players are within three shots of the lead. We review some of the scores from the quartet of newly turned pros and hyped college prospects, as well as Brooksy taking a “major” mentality and promptly tumbling to the bottom of the leaderboard. Andy reveals some hard data from his day out timing the group of Bryson DeChambeau at the U.S. Open, and the numbers are NOT kind for one so-called physicist. In news, we discuss the Challenge Tour player that ran out of balls, prompting a flashback about the time Tiger almost ran out of balls during his epic 2000 U.S. Open win. In the prepared flashback Friday segment, Andy brings the goods with a reminiscence on a Bubba Travelers win and how a certain diminutive Tour pro was hitting 3-wood into the green in the playoff while his two competitors had lob wedge.

How Travelers gets it right, Wie’s return and LPGA major week, and media tent ringtones

Andy and Brendan are back with a slightly delayed Wednesday episode turning our attention away from the week that was at Pebble Beach to a new full week of golf around the world. We begin with the next major, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at Hazeltine, which gives Andy an opportunity to lament the uninspired venue choice. Then we get to the Travelers Championship and a discussion of that loaded field and how they hustle to be one of the best events on the entire schedule. We also hit on the pro debuts of Matt Wolff and Viktor Hovland in Hartford as well as the double-wide cart paths at TPC River Highlands. News of the re-branding of the Web Tour to the Korn Ferry Tour, which we discussed a month ago, is dissected in great detail and we wonder what it means for the historical references to this tour. The Champions Tour is in Wisconsin this week, giving us an opportunity to review the divided loyalties of Steve Stricker and also provokes a two-minute uninhibited laughing fit about a ridiculous ringtone of a certain media member that kept going off in the media center last week. Lastly, we make some picks for Travelers and Andy delivers a take about proceeding with caution when we watch the four young studs, including Wolff and Hovland, this week.


Live from the Bixby House: Woodland’s win, Brooks’ charge, and Chez’s last stand

We are live from Monterey at the Bixby House for one final podcast at the U.S. Open. We begin with Chez Reavie’s day at Pebble Beach and Andy’s attempts to convince broadcaster Jim Gray to board the Reavie bandwagon up until the very end of the championship. We then get into Gary Woodland’s career-defining moment and if it means more could be on the horizon. We relay some on-the-ground scenery of the mania that was Brooksy’s fast start through the first five holes. A blimp rant takes up a solid portion of the middle section of the pod. Rory’s “tanimal” look gets a review and Urban Meyer’s inside-the-ropes etiquette is also critiqued. We conclude with a final assessment of the Pebble setup and an overall grade for this U.S. Open.

Chez’s revenge and Geoff Shackelford joins to discuss Pebble conditions

We are live in the Pebble Beach media center with our Bixby steeped coffee for some instant reactions to the third round and setting the scene for Sunday. We get into some of the conditions of the course now that we’ve hit the weekend and things appear to be firming up, especially around the greens. We discuss the notion that the pins were too easy and how that outcry quickly dissipated as the round wore on at Pebble. USGA chief setup man John Bodenhamer checks in with a comment on how the course is playing before Geoff Shackleford joins for a segment on the setup, what could be better, and some crackpot scenarios that could play out to make the final round fun. We finish with another round of contender or pretender on Rory, Gary, Chez, and others before making some final picks to win on Sunday.

Live from the Bixby House: The Midpoint at the U.S. Open

Brendan and Andy check in at the midpoint of the national championship and discuss the work of the day, specifically Andy’s timing exercise of Bryson DeChambeau’s group late in the second round. We also review the leaderboard and play a little “pretender or contender” with some of the star names and not-so-popular names on the board. We then go over disappointing MCs and some unsurprising MCs. Andy rails against the par 71 setup at Pebble and we ponder just how much the number will move over the weekend, or if the current 9-under mark may come back over the final 36 holes. What kind of conditions can we expect and how far down the board do you go for realistic chasing options? Rickie’s big mitts, Reed’s club snap, and Phil and DJ’s course management also get reviews.

Live from the Bixby House: A “soft” start at Pebble, Spieth’s searing critique, investigating PXG’s heroes program

We are live Thursday night at the Bixby House for immediate thoughts following the opening round at Pebble Beach. We begin celebrating a certain ace at the 12th hole. Then we react to some early low scores, including Justin Rose’s pace-setting 65 late in the day. Did the USGA go too soft? Will they overreact? Or was it just right? Then we get to Jordan Spieth dressing down his caddie, Michael Greller, and ponder whether it was the usual back-and-forth in that relationship or outside the boundary. Then we’re blessed with a visitor at the Bixby House as No Laying Up’s D.J. Piehowski joins to discuss his early impressions from the first day. We get into conditions, low round predictions for Friday, and who from the top of the leaderboard is most likely to eject. Then Andy reveals the findings of his investigation into the PXG Heroes program which had ads running all day.

Live from the B. Draddy Bungalow: It’s all about the grass

Four horsemen ride in this special bonus Thursday episode at the B. Draddy house in Monterey. Andy and Brendan are joined by Billy Draddy for his usual pre-major championship visit and Josh Lewis, Golf Course Superintendent at Sharon Heights G&CC and formerly of Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay, and Pasatiempo. Josh was the super for a past U.S. Open venue but also on the grounds at Pebble Beach the last two days and provides fabulous insight into how the course is looking as the championship begins. The potential for syringing this week also gets a thorough breakdown from an expert. Josh speaks to the advantages and possible trouble spots of conditioning a course in this region, working with the USGA, how Pebble might play, and if there’s any chance it could get away from them and how that might happen (it won’t). Billy Draddy joins to discuss layering in the micro-climates of Pebble Beach, some scripting mishaps, and if Pebble is the quintessential U.S. Open venue. The panel also covers their favorite holes at Pebble, the USGA press conference from Wednesday, some winning score predictions based on the course conditioning intel, and the tee times they’re watching early in the championship.

Live from the Bixby House: Pebble’s prepped, Brooksy’s mad, and Bryson’s friction values

It’s U.S. Open eve and we are live again from the Bixby House for a full week of daily pods. This Wednesday episode focuses on the course conditioning after walking Pebble the last couple days and the test that it will present for the best in the world. Can the USGA screw this course up and if so, how? The test, however it goes, may not sit well with one player, who is concerned setups have become a “physics issue” and that the “friction values” on the greens are just not what they need to be. Then we get into another tour de force Brooks Koepka press conference on FOX slights, whiny players, and how no one in the field can beat him. We have some intel about the FOX promo he’s so mad about and how it all may be a made up motivational tactic. We also address Tiger’s chances this week, Brandel getting aboard Andy’s hot take train on Phil Mickelson, and if Jason Day might drive up to the Bay Area to offer Kevin Durant a balloon to heal his injury.

So do you think Mike Weir can win this week?

We are live from the Bixby House in Monterey for a special Tuesday picks edition with Paulie. We break off from our normal weekly segment on fantasy and one-and-done picks with @FriedEggPaulie for a separate, shorter pod on what to expect this week from a fantasy perspective. We cover certain daily fantasy options as well as the usual one-and-done selections. The pod begins by discussing some of the skill sets that Pebble might accentuate and who it might eliminate. Then we get into some of the favorites, including Tiger, Brooksy, Rory, and Jordan Spieth, who is a hot commodity yet again. We also cover low amateur options and a few head-to-heads. There’s also a digression on the necessity of golf shoes, a serious assessment of Mike Weir’s chances, and an rant on Phil Mickelson to close it out.

Rory goes wild in Canada, Anchorman takes Japan, and JDay calls on Stevie

This major championship week begins worse for the wear with Andy’s flight cancelled and Brendan posted up waiting anxiously at the Bixby House in Monterey. We review the weekend results, starting with Rory McIlroy torching the Canadian Open with a 64-61 weekend to win by seven shots. Does it mean anything for Pebble Beach and the U.S. Open? We also discuss Graeme McDowell’s big moment getting into his home Open with his Sunday play in Ontario, Brooksy getting out from under Joey D, and low Canadians. Then we get to the Champions Tour, where Scott McCarron won again despite more pictures floating around Twitter alleging anchoring. We also get into Web Tour minutiae with Rhein Gibson’s win and the scheduling injustice of having an event opposite the U.S. Open, where many of its members are playing. Lexi Thompson’s dramatic win gets the award for “finish of the week.” News hits on an outstanding trophy from the women’s game, some early US Open rumblings, and Jason Day bringing in old Stevie Williams for the week.

A Flashback Friday explosive exposé, Bryson on “human potential,” and Tiger and Phil on U.S. Open setups

This Friday episode meanders about the world of golf, beginning with live Assasin updates from the Senior event in Japan. Keegan Bradley’s early lead in Canada prompts another discussion about the proliferation of personal logos. Then we get into all the quirks and curveballs at this week’s Euro Tour event and if it could spark a WWF “Attitude Era” type response from the PGA Tour. Then we have a Friday quotes segment, reviewing Phil’s harsh words and Tiger’s suggestions on the U.S. Open, Brooksy’s ambivalence and potential Joey D betrayal, and Bryson’s self-parody with his motivation for going to the Sticky Note Classic. In news, we hit on some college studs going pro, player videos already ramping up the hysteria about the Pebble rough, a 16-year-old cruelly DQ’d at sectionals, and some early U.S. Open tee times to watch. Fan Vote Friday takes us down the path of some Canadian players’ odd wine labels, one pro’s claim that he’s the best MarioKart player in all of Canada, and the one unexpected moment that Mike Weir said might be bigger than his Masters win. Flashback Friday is a deep dive starting with the 2004 Canadian Open battle between Weir and Vijay Singh, takes a left turn with a crude Jason Whitlock article on Vijay, and concludes with some damning numbers about how equipment in this era prevented Tiger from holding the majors record already.

We stand on guard for thee, Sectional qualifying minutiae, and Haney’s Twitter misuse

It’s a big week for the Shotgun Start with a national open and sectional qualifying. We begin with the schedule for the week, going first with the Canadian Open’s big move away from Andy’s nightmare, Glen Abbey. What does this Harry Colt design have in store for this year and in this new spot on the schedule? Will it be enough to earn Andy’s “Event of the Week” honors? We do wonder if there’s a title sponsor conspiracy afoot with some of the featured groups and Brendan has some questions about the Champions Tour sprinkling in a random Japan event between two tournaments in the Big Ten footprint. Then we run through some U.S. Open sectional qualifying results, focusing on a few notable pros, upstart amateurs, and fascinating stories that have made it to the big show next week. In news, we FINALLY give the people what they want and address the abominable Matt Kuchar ruling argument last week at Memorial. Should some sort of system be put in place for failed longshot rules asks? Also in news, we hit on Hank Haney not really understanding how Twitter, or the world, really works. We wrap with a spirited Paulie’s picks segment, focusing on some low Canadian options and some player skills that might be preferable for this Hamilton venue.

U.S. Women’s Open reaction, Tiger and Streelman shine at Memorial, and “The Assassin”

A packed Monday episode begins with a wide-ranging discussion on several topics from the U.S. Women’s Open. We discuss Jeongeun Lee6’s two-shot win and the relatability of some of the emotion she showed. We also discuss how the Country Club of Charleston held up and how the women promote the best and most relatable rendering of golf as it should be and how there were no player complaints about setup like we hear at the men’s Open. The pace of play problems at Charleston are reviewed, which prompts story time from Andy about how they have checked his time in the past in competition. For the Memorial, we give Patrick Cantlay his due, as well as Tiger, who appears back in form, before taking a sharp left turn off a cliff to review the career of Kevin Streelman. We also have a story about a potentially intoxicated tour pro stealing one of those famously controversial bunker rakes from the 2006 Memorial. We wrap with some stories that will build the legend of “The Assassin,” who should be your new favorite golfer.

Bryson’s slow play and the Pros v. the USGA with ESPN’s Kevin Van Valkenburg

A rousing Friday episode begins with Bryson DeChambeau’s nonsensical excuses for his pace of play after he was hit with bad times on Friday at the Memorial. We discuss Bryson moving the goalposts and neglecting the fact that playing in a reasonable time is a skill. Then we move to more pleasing matters, namely the U.S. Women’s Open and how Charleston has provided a great test for the best in the world so far. In a less pleasing segment, we address Hank Haney’s awful comments on the Women’s Open. A Flashback Friday centers on the 2006 Memorial, taking us down the path of the famed Henry Picard, that time Jack Nicklaus angered the field using different bunker rakes that made sand shots more challenging, and the 2006 winner Carl Pettersson, whose life and times before and after the anchor ban get a review. Finally, we are joined by ESPN Senior Writer Kevin Van Valkenburg to discuss the fiery comments in Golf Digest from a gaggle of anonymous PGA Tour pros, coaches, and caddies lambasting the USGA. We discuss some of the larger themes from the piece, who looks worse from it -- the players or the USGA, KVV’s three favorite quotes from the lengthy collection, course setup philosophies, the concept of par, and if the fractious relationship is reconcilable at all. Lastly, we finish with a rapid fire reading of a handful of quotes from the piece and adjudge them “Silly,” “Salient,” or “Gotta Hear Both Sides.”

NCAA heartbreak and match play format angst, war on the USGA, and Memorial picks

There’s too much golf to discuss! This Wednesday episode begins with the schedule for the week, focusing on some of the notables at Memorial and questioning how we frame a person becoming a “notable.” Then we discuss the funky Belgian Knockout format on the Euro Tour this week getting OWGR points but the Tour Championship needing a secondary low gross leaderboard to satiate the OWGR board. The U.S. Women’s Open gets event of the week and deservedly so as we highlight the best women’s players in the world taking on a truly unique venue for major golf. Oklahoma State’s heartbreaking NCAA loss to Texas then gets a full dissection. We ask if it was too dark to keep playing and if that impacted the outcome, which gives Andy an opening to rant on pace of play. We also again revisit whether match play was the best format to decide it. Some main themes from the Golf Digest survey of anonymous players and coaches lambasting the USGA and their U.S. Open follies is discussed before we go into a further examination on Friday. In news, we enjoy Jack Nicklaus saying he does not care at all about the “chase for 82” and how that ambiguous number may be built on a bed of lies. We wrap with our weekly fantasy and one-and-done intel for Memorial from the expert Fried Egg Paulie.

New Car smells at Colonial, Tiger Jam wardrobes, and Okie State dominance

We are back for a delayed Memorial Day edition recapping the weekend that was in golf, muscle cars, kitchen appliances, and stock Crate & Barrel silverware as trophies. We begin with Kevin Na’s win in Fort Worth and his comments that he knew he had “zero chance” to win at Bethpage but felt renewed confidence at a place like Colonial. We discuss this variety of courses on the PGA Tour and how to protect it. Then we move to the Senior major at Oak Hill and the possibility that a cellphone ringing cost one participant the title. On the Web Tour, Scottie Scheffler continued his torrid run and that has Andy lamenting the current structure that prevents him from taking that form to the big leagues. On the LPGA, Bronte Law gets her first win and then drives overnight to Charleston for this week’s major, which prompts us to debate how worse for the wear we’d be in contrast to that. With Oklahoma State up by some 25 shots, we debate whether there should even be a match play portion of the NCAA title this week in Arkansas. For a special Monday scaries, we discuss the one senior tour player that flew home on Friday only to land and discover he’d actually made the cut in Rochester.

Little boy blue and the man on the moon

It’s Friday going into a holiday weekend so this episode meanders through some far flung corners of the golf world. We begin with a story time segment that piggyback’s off our discussion on Brooks Koepka’s equipment proclivities from Wednesday. Our next story comes from a tipster on the amateur days of Dru Love, who had himself a rough first round out at Colonial. We get into some of the different exemptions this week, how they’re performing, and how Colonial builds its field in a quirky way. We ask if there are any pro golfers out there that would start turning down exemptions if they were in Dru’s shoes and struggle to come up with an answer. In Fan Vote Friday Jr, we get into the story of Ben Silverman and how it’s a stark contrast from his two playing partners, Love and Tucker Wadkins. Our third and final story from this Friday storytime episode relays a fun anecdote about the elder Wadkins putting in an angry call to Arizona during Tucker’s playing days. In news, we hit on Tiger’s commitment to Memorial and a potentially mattress-related WD in Fort Worth. Flashback Friday focuses on 2003 Colonial champ Kenny Perry, who has an odd agreement to donate a percentage of his career earnings to a small college that helped fund him when he was broke and trying to make it as a pro.

Nepotism Challenge, Women’s NCAA carnage, and the Brooksy equipment sponsor model

The Cat’s in the Cradle at Colonial this week and we will be watching the sons of some former pros closely at one of the PGA Tour’s classic stops. We get into the schedule for the week, which prompts discussion on: Lee Westwood’s activities at the resort and spa hosting in Denmark, the great Kinsgmill setup on the LPGA, why there are stand-up mixer appliances in the middle of the course for a senior major, and the importance of the Evans Scholar program. In the Event of the Week segment, we discuss some of the results so far from the women’s NCAAs and whether it’s fair for the title to be played on a school’s home course. In a Brooks segment, we bat around the official over-under major total and also get back into his choice to go without an equipment sponsor. It leads us to propose a few other nominees that should shun equipment deals in favor of freedom. In an all-USGA segment, we discuss some early results from the first sectional qualifying site and when it’s OK to withdraw before the second 18, media day at Pebble Beach and Andy’s fear of horrible photos from the day, and the USGA contracting Iron Man to grow the game. We finish with the resolution of our PGA head-to-heads that might have Andy worse for the wear.

The Koepka Era and PGA Grades for the course, CBS, fans, and players

Andy and Brendan review a more dramatic-than-expected final day at the PGA Championship. They discuss Brooks Koepka losing his cushion and if they ever thought it was in doubt on Sunday. They assess Brooks’ future and the over-under for his career major total now that he’s won four of his last eight major starts. They also get into the tough Sunday conditions and how the course setup dramatically favored one very specific skill while eliminating others. Then they pass out grades and discuss the performances of DJ, Spieth, Rickie, HVII, the CBS production, and the New York fans. We also look forward to Pebble Beach and how that might set up for Koepka and others. In our Sunday Scaries segment, Andy wonders if they’re sweating at the PGA Tour given how the game’s best player only seems to be illuminating the superfluous nature of everything that’s not a major.

Can anyone beat Brooksy and CBS’ dereliction of pronunciation duties

Brooks Koepka, as you might expect, stays atop the leaderboard and by a significant margin at the PGA Championship. We review how he got it around in even-par on Saturday and our disappointment at the chasers’ inability to close the gap. Then we rant on CBS not being prepared to pronounce Jazz Janewattananond’s name even though he started the day in the top 10. We assess the likelihood of Brooks not winning on Sunday, the numbers it might take, who could shoot them, and why Bethpage won’t exactly promote it. We wrap with Andy going off again about the career earnings list and its misrepresentations to the general public, as well as some of the painful stakes some listeners sent in for our Kraft v. Kang head-to-head wager.

Brooks runs away, Spieth’s slam chances, Rory’s “character”, and “The Power Hour”

Andy and Brendan are set up in their home base and return for this lively Friday night review of the 2019 PGA Championship at its midpoint. They begin with Brooks Koepka’s dominating performance, even though Koepka thinks he didn’t “hit it good” in the second round. They discuss how and why Koepka’s style works so well at this setup, using some illuminating quotes from Tiger Woods, who watched Broosky carve up Bethpage over 36 holes for a new major scoring record. The playing style and bombers’ success chat also ties into some quotes from Bryson DeChambeau, who seems less than thrilled with the setup both at Bethpage and at majors in general. Then they get into Rory citing how he showed “character” getting back on the right side of the cut line after an abominable first 27 holes. They also hit on an odd penalty for one player not showing up on time and CBS deciding to call the final four holes this week “The Power Hour.”

Koepka’s PGA to lose, Pretenders and Contenders, and PGA execs bail to NGLA

Andy has returned home to Chicago but not without relaying one final misadventure from his immersion in New York life. We get into the opening round from the PGA, leading with the obvious news of Bruce/Brooks Koepka rocketing to the top of another major leaderboard with a course record round. How far down the board do you go to find names still in it? Then we get to the anomaly of Danny Lee’s 64 as well as Rory’s day on the putting greens. A “contender or pretender” segment covers some of the, well, less publicized names on the first or second page of the leaderboard. In news, we hit on the PGA board’s big day out at National Golf Links of America in the middle of their biggest week of the year as well as the cheap ticket prices this week and if it means the NYC area has been oversaturated with majors. We also briefly discuss John Daly’s day rolling around a major on cart. Flashback Friday wraps up with a past PGA from the NYC area that left Tommy Tolles on the outside of the Ryder Cup roster.

Live from B. Draddy HQ: PGA Championship preview

We return for this Wednesday edition with a special live recording with an audience at B. Draddy’s Manhattan headquarters. We start by running through the schedule for the week, which leads us into a discussion of whether the governing bodies need to get on the same page together and whether that will ever be possible. Our PGA preview begins by addressing two of the favorites this week, Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka. We get into Tiger’s choice to take the last month off and how it might pay off at Bethpage. Then we get to Brooksy’s comments that the majors are actually the easiest to win, and his calculus for eliminating most of the field before it even starts. We then move to this week’s host course, discussing our favorite and least favorite aspects of Bethpage and whether it’s more of a USGA or PGA venue. Then we are joined by Billy Draddy to make some PGA picks, discuss New York golf, players getting their own logos, and Bethpage’s Warning Sign brand. We wrap with a discussion on some fun tee times to watch the first couple rounds at the PGA, including the fascinating “Cart Boy” and Beemer duo.

Shaggy Kang’s big win, early PGA thoughts, and soccer comes to Golf Channel

Brendan and Andy return from the weekend ready for the second men’s major championship of the year. But before looking ahead, first they review Sung Kang’s big win at the Byron Nelson, giving Andy a chance to play his walk-up music one more time. They also get into Matt Every’s comments on Kang’s pace of play and the sudden death of #ToddWatch. The subject of Trinity Forest being “easy” simply because of scores relative to par is addressed with vigor. On the Euro Tour, they rejoice at the confirmation of Westy hosting the British Masters again as well as his trip to the States for the PGA. Now comes the question of whether he’ll play or just do appearances at parties. Andy also gets off a rant about a soccer game impeding the Sunday morning coverage on Golf Channel. They sprinkle in some thoughts on a few early PGA topics before diving headlong into the major later this week. We wrap going over a listener submitted document purporting to list every single FedExCup No. 1, ever.

PGA coverage prep, Danny Chops’ big break, and Romo’s rough day

We begin with an edict from Andy about complaints over next week’s PGA Championship coverage. This leads to Brendan reading some of the amusing and terrifying show descriptions for TNT programming during the season’s second major. Then we get into Danny Chops’ big moment, and ponder if a pro has ever gone from announcing PGA Tour Live to a featured group on PGA Tour Live within a month. Then we review Tony Romo’s day, which was not great, but still came in below the over-under line set for his first round score. The results of Fan Vote Friday Jr. have us discussing the derivation of Kris Blanks’ name, a past tweet about coitus that had him apologizing, Beau Hossler’s shoulder injury, and the little mountain town where Jimmy Knous hails from in Colorado and if he should be rightful PGA Tour scientist, not the “fraudulent physicist.” In news, we hit on the footage of John Peterson doing Happy Gilmore swings on the range of just his second event in his comeback as well as a backboarding scandal erupting at a major championship. We wrap with a Flashback Friday that takes us down memory lane to the Brendon Todd era.

Trinity Forest chat, Tony Romo’s big ambitions, and ‘walk or ride’ comes to the PGA

This Wednesday episode goes long on this week’s event, the Byron Nelson. We get into the unique (for the PGA Tour) course, Trinity Forest, in Dallas. We discuss some of its key features and why it makes for such a different watch and test on the PGA Tour. We also chat about the British Masters, its quality venue, and whether Chicagoan Matt Fitzpatrick will ever be able to host this event. Then we get to Tony Romo’s exemption at the Nelson, his hockey style putting stroke, his intense practice habits, his sizable over-under number for round one, and his big plans to play more tour golf. In news, we hit on John Daly getting approval to use a cart at next week’s PGA Championship. How will this work, especially on what could be a rain-soaked Bethpage? Is the 90-degree rule in effect? Cart path only? Will you get relief from a tire mark? So many questions before we wrap with Paulie’s Picks and an abominable and astonishing Nelson one-and-done selection from one participant.

Homa’s breakthrough, Brooks-Brandel beef, and Quail Hollow’s spot on the schedule

We return from the weekend with a double worse-for-the wear feature, which means you may want to just set this episode to 1.5 or 2x speed at the start. We run through the results and commend Max Homa’s work to get to the point of winning on the PGA Tour. We also use that as a jump off to contrast it with some players who may be the beneficiary of repeated exemptions. Then there’s a wild divergence on the Minneapolis business community as well as this Quail Hollow event getting eaten by some of the elevated status titles and WGCs that line the schedule. After the Kentucky Derby controversy, we put out a few golf hypotheticals that might come close to comparing to that overturn and ruling at the sport’s biggest event. In news, we hit on the joy of the Brooks Koepka and Brandel Chamblee beef that reignited with Brooksy’s weekend photoshop work. We sign off with the weird story of Steve Sticker being used for a charity outing scam and ponder who you would choose for such a scam to make it both believable enough and also draw interest for your outing.

The Pace Car breaks down, Nepotism comes to Colonial, and Staff Sergeant Jason Day

We get a little loose on this Friday episode. We begin with a quick leaderboard check-in, discussing Rory and Joel Dahmen in Charlotte and Anne van Dam (and the Dutch population at large) leading on the LPGA. This also leads to Andy proposing a dramatic overhaul to Olympic golf, where regions, and not nations, are represented. We also discuss The Pace Car blowing a tire and withdrawing after an opening round 80, as well as the telepathic Team Reed maybe sorting out their swing. In Flashback Friday, Andy takes us down a memory lane occupied by Rory McIlroy, Billy Mayfair, and Wells Fargo Ironman J.J. Henry. We wrap with news we either care or don’t care about from the past couple days, hitting on teetotaler Bubba endorsing CBD, some extreeeemely crooked exemptions at Colonial that will leave you choking on nepotism, Keith Pelley’s tone deaf comments on the Euro Tour’s role in Saudi Arabia’s evolution, Lydia Ko parting ways with another coach, Tiger’s big boat sailing to Long Island, Jason Day’s dream of being in the military and the idea of him blowing into balloons in the trenches or on the Black Hawk, and lastly, Victor Dubuisson giving up wine, getting in shape, and dreaming of a return to the Ryder Cup.

Wells Fargo’s J.J. Henry problem, PGA Champ conditioning, and a Carson Daly rant

This Wednesday episode begins, as you’d expect, with a lengthy divergence on J.J. Henry after Andy comes with the little fact that he’s one of two players that have made a start in every iteration of the Wells Fargo Championship. We discuss the odd and arbitrary “300 career made cuts” category that allowed him to keep his card this year. Then we get into the full schedule for the week, comparing the purses of some LPGA events to Champions Tour events and then discussing the leaderboard at the PGA Professional Championship. The event of the week has us reviewing the career earnings of the all-time wins leader on the Minor League Golf Tour. In news, we discuss some comments from PGA Championship setup man Kerry Haigh on the weather and conditioning they’re hoping for over the next two weeks to fill out Bethpage Black. We also rant on the absurdity of Carson Daly’s latest interjections about the “Spirit of Earl Woods” in his podcast with Rory McIlroy. We wrap with some Quail Hollow picks and intel from Fried Egg Paulie.

Under the thumb, Dodo Molinari reveals slow play names, and more wedges to add to your bag

We return from the weekend to run through a full slate of tournaments across the world of golf. We get to Jon Rahm and Ryan Palmer’s runaway win at the Zurich Classic, and Andy offers some misgivings about the fallout and impacts that a win or a successful finish has on some of the weaker links in these two-man teams. Then we get to Jorge Campillo winning the dagger in Morocco and revisit our claim that more young American players should go see the world and come up through the European Tour. We review Minjee Lee’s cruise to an LA Open title at Wilshire and also hit on the Champions Tour event at Big Cedar, which Andy argues “does not need to exist.” The start of the PGA Professional Championship is also addressed, and we posit that the new schedule puts the pros from the Northern U.S. at a severe disadvantage. In news, we discuss Eduardo Molinari’s bold move to tweet out all the slow play times on the European Tour and what more can be done to affect real change. We also get back to Tiger’s announcement that he’s skipping the Wells Fargo and why it doesn’t matter. Before we get to Andy’s weekend wearing mittens and Brendan’s long afternoon coaching youth soccer, we wrap with the news that one LPGA pro uses lemon wedges to focus and wonder if this is a real aid we should put in the bag or if it’s more quackery.

Name that Walk-up Tune Part 2, Tiger’s in love with the ZoZo, the un-retirement heard round the world

“Hey, how you doing? It’s Friday!” We head to the weekend with a quick check in around the world of golf, from Morocco to Los Angeles. We debate whether the Zurich Classic, two-man format or not, stinks. We also get into whether upstart pros should go to Europe to work their way up the world rankings. Then, by popular demand and from the mind of Andy Johnson, we play another round of the guessing game for a few more walk-up music selections most appropriate for some Shotgun Start favorites. In news, we get to Tiger committing to the first ever PGA Tour event in Japan, his scheduling choices, and the overreaction to his gait from a social media video on Thursday. Then we hit on the news of John Peterson’s fifth or sixth or seventh un-retirement of the past year, and some of the absurd quotes he delivered about why he made the choice to come back. Ernie Els’ special exemption into the U.S. Open has Andy bursting with joy, but we also provide some intel about some International players maybe not thrilled about being told who to play with this week. The disastrous deal a Euro women’s pro announced with Golf Saudi, as well as the awful caption for it, get a review. We conclude with a Flashback Friday on a 1980s (sorta) legend.

The 2-man team format, walk-up music we’d like to hear, and the women go to Wilshire

This Wednesday episode begins by running through the full schedule for the week, with commentary on the Champions Tour pilgrimage to the Ozarks, the Web Tour playing again with no TV coverage, and the utility of the European Tour handing out a trophy that can also be used to prepare dinner. Then Andy crowns his Event of the Week, which goes to a classic Los Angeles design that has, rightly, ripped its name from PGA Tour. The Zurich Classic format comes into the crosshairs as we examine the end-around of players who have little-to-no status using another player’s (who does have status) shots during a competition that could land them a two-year exemption. We also dabble with a walk-up music game, as Andy comes up with some song options for a few Shotgun Start favorites that Brendan has to guess. In news, we hit on the Hero World Challenge still going up against the Aussie Open, John Peterson coming out of retirement again, and a call to action to help a PGA Tour pro design his new logo. We wrap with some one-and-done picks after getting blown off by Paulie.

Bummed in Bratislava, Tiger’s attire, and Larry Nelson slander

After a brief diversion on Easter candy, Andy and Brendan return from the weekend to run through the results from the golf world. They get into C.T. Pan’s big win at the Heritage, DJ’s staggering implosion on the back nine, and Rory Sabbatini’s Sunday fade. The Sabbatini contention brings us to a possible scandal revealed on the coverage over the weekend and has us questioning whether his decision to become Slovakian came from pure intentions. On the Champions Tour, we discuss the two MLB pitchers that made starts at TPC Sugarloaf with limited success. Then we get to the matter of Tiger rolling out to The Woods in mesh shorts and his dri-fit gear. We wrap with a Sunday Scaries segment that suddenly dives down a rabbit hole on the life and times of Larry Nelson, war hero and three-time major champion.

OWGR board’s grand troll of the PGA Tour, Midwest money, and Zurich as a Member-Guest

We begin this Friday episode with the news that the PGA Tour’s grand finale and the crowning FedExCup test will now feature two leaderboards, one hidden and one for public consumption. We revel in the OWGR sanction board holding this over the Tour’s head and making them work for it, and also the fact that a move made for simplicity has resulted in this weird and convoluted two-leaderboard system. Then we get to the matter of Mike Weir playing in Alabama and wonder how many players have gone from the Masters one week to RTJ Trail the next. We also address the news of some big names committing to the new Detroit event and, combined with some star commits to the new Minneapolis event, question whether something untoward is happening on the money side with these events. Some two-man teams for next week’s Zurich Classic are out, including one father-son duo that will certainly raise eyebrows and maybe even tempers in the locker rooms. We wrap with a Flashback Friday on two-time Heritage winner Payne Stewart and some of his early career achievements and under-achievements, including that stretch when he played Top Flite cavity back irons.

The “Fraudulent Physicist,” Alabama golf corruption, and Fortnite Tent research

We’re back recording remotely after a week in Augusta and this Wednesday episode quickly devolves into covering all absurd corners of the golf world since Tiger won the Masters. We run through the schedule of the week and Andy delivers some intel on the great Pasatiempo when crowning his event of the week. We also ponder why Mitsubishi is putting all their marketing money into sponsoring senior events as well as some background on the sketchy circumstances that brought the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail into existence in Alabama, site of this week’s Web Tour event. Then we get to the news that a physicist has disproven Bryson DeChambeau’s crackpot science of putting with the flagstick still in the hole. We discuss the news of Hosung Choi’s exemption to the John Deere Classic and what he might do exploring the Quad Cities region in the heartland of America. Also in news, we hit on the PGA Tour releasing a new mobile video game, which gives Andy an opening to provide some field research he did on if the Fortnite tents have brought kids out to the PGA Tour events. We wrap with some quick picks for the Heritage.

Live from the Bixby House: Sunday Night at the Masters

Tiger Woods is a Masters champion again. Andy and Brendan react to an unforgettable, legendary day at Augusta National. But not without first discussing results from the Haikou Championship on the PGA Tour China series. Then we get into Tiger’s win, our favorite moments of the day, and his future prospects. Andy changed up his worst-case scenario fears and explains a moment of panic when he thought it might come to fruition on Sunday. We discuss The Pace Car’s smooth round of 80 and also hit on Matt Kuchar’s continued FedExCup stranglehold. We are joined in the Bixby House by the PGA Tour’s Sean Martin and CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter for some lightning round questions on Sunday at the Masters. After a solid two months of dispensing facts, we wrap with some final Masters Facts of the Day.

Live from the Bixby House: Saturday at the Masters

It’s Saturday night in Augusta and Andy and Brendan have come down from the high of Friday night’s off-the-rails episode. They have some intel from a doctor on the efficacy or quackery of Jason Day’s balloon treatments. They bring you a quick recap of the third round as well as some picks for Sunday’s early start. They react to Tiger’s 67 and charge into the final Sunday tee time at the Masters, as well as the machine Frankie Molinari refusing to give up an inch at the top of the leaderboard. They also address Adam Scott messing around with a table top putting stance just minutes before teeing off in the final group of a weekend round at the biggest event of the year. They get to the news of Rory saying Augusta’s rough is having a negative impact on the competition. Updated odds and picks for Sunday’s final round wrap up this truncated edition as they prep for an early start of the last 18 holes.

Live from the Bixby House: Friday at the Masters

An off-the-rails Friday night edition comes to you from the Bixby House recapping a wild day at the 2019 Masters. We begin with a story of Andy chasing a UPS truck down the streets in Augusta in the hopes of finding Lee Westwood. Then we get to the matter of Jason Day blowing up balloons as a medical remedy. We also hit on the Zach Johnson’s five-yard drive at the 13th tee and how one might play the hole if he’d been forced to from that spot. Then we get to the security slide tackle of Tiger Woods, which opens the door for Andy to reheat his take that there should be no fans on the golf course. We wrap with the sad news of Woosie’s retirement and hold out hope that it might be a Brett Favre situation.

Live from the Bixby House: Friday Jr. at the Masters

Brendan and Andy come to you live from the Bixby House with a raw and unedited episode reviewing the first day of the 2019 Masters. We get in to the flurry of late activity on Friday Jr. afternoon with Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, and Phil Mickelson going low in the last two groups on the tee sheet. We address Brooksy popping off at the haters on his weight loss and call out the SMU Physics Department after Bryson completely misused “terminal velocity” to explain why his ball didn’t go in the hole on the 18th. Then we get to the matter of Jason Day and if the simple fact of “being a good father” has cost him a shot at the Masters this year. We discuss Tiger’s 2-under round of 70 and what it might mean heading into the weekend. Then Kyle Porter appears to offer some hot takes on the “lost” Jordan Spieth. We do a lightning round of predictions on a few players who might miss/make the cut before wrapping with a Flashback Friday on the year of Woosie and a Masters Fact of the Day on a defunct opposite field event.

The first ever Shotgun Start Live: Masters Preview

It’s Masters eve and appropriately, we roll out a preview podcast recorded with a live audience from the B. Draddy house in Augusta. We start by reacting to some of our favorite tee times for the first two rounds and what to expect from some of these featured groupings. Then we move to the course and assess how the weather and conditions have changed this 2019 edition and who benefits the most. Pat Reed’s dinner menu gets a quick review. Then we welcome in Billy Draddy, a golf fashion icon, to discuss Masters scripting, mock necks, and some legendary Masters fashion looks and catastrophes. In a quotables segment, we run through some highlights from Masters week so far, including comments from Bryson that he’s figuring out how the club shaft works and comments from Brooks about how this is a “recovery” week following a puzzling diet change. We wrap with some dream scenarios we’d like to see come Sunday afternoon and our picks to win the green jacket.

So you’re saying Woosie has a chance? Paulie’s Picks, Masters edition

It’s the most heavily wagered and biggest fantasy week of the year in golf. So we broke off a special Paulie’s Picks episode to discuss some Masters pool strategies, one-and-done options, and daily fantasy plays. We also run through a lightning round, throwing names, including that of a diminutive Welshman, at Paulie for intel and fade-or-play judgments. Some interesting props are discussed, such as the over-under for highest round, another occasion to discuss the diminutive Welshman.

ANA recap, ANWA appreciation, and Canada’s new Masters hope

Greetings from Augusta! After 95 episodes, Brendan and Andy meet again to record their first ever in-person Shotgun Start. They begin with a review of the season’s first major championship, the ANA Inspiration. Then they get to the final round of the ANWA, appreciating what we got to watch over the weekend from the women at Augusta. Corey Conners’ big win in Texas is hailed after a season of banging the drum for improved status for our fine Canadian friend. We get into the machinations of how a guy with such lofty FedExCup status needed to Monday qualify to win. The Jordan Mixed Open, of course, is not lost in the shuffle as we examine that fascinating experiment. After a thorough review of the weekend, we begin our look forward with a few things we’re looking for early in the week at Augusta National. Finally, we wrap with a bucket of Masters facts, including the one about the time an amateur had a guest up to the crow’s nest.

ANWA backlash, Tiger’s new venture, and Masters betting with Golf Odds’ Jeff Sherman

It’s Friday! We begin with some thoughts on the first two days of the first ever Augusta National Women’s Amateur. We offer some critiques on the odd sequence of a practice round wedged in middle, the need for an 11-for-10 playoff, and if this is the right week on the schedule for it. Then we move to a discussion on the early action at the ANA Inspiration and the Texas Open, which provokes a Flashback Friday on how the ProV1 left Justin Leonard, and a potential legendary career, behind. In news, we hit on the revelation that Tiger Woods will be doing a series of matches with GolfTV and discuss what that might mean for the future of golf networks in the States. Then Jeff Sherman, expert handicapper and oddsmakers of the SuperBook and GolfOdds.com, joins for a quick segment on what the market looks like for next week’s Masters. We wrap with multiple juicy and enlightening Masters facts of the day, including one on the amateur who was thrown out of the Tournament for potentially salacious reasons and a body of water named after a famous 16th century explorer who allegedly crossed the grounds.

An analytical dive in to the 2019 Masters with the brilliant Joe Peta

It’s a Friday Jr. miracle! With the Masters bearing down, we bring you this special edition to help you get dialed for the first men’s major of the season. Joe Peta, famed author with a prior focus on advanced baseball analytics and betting, shifted to golf and published a 2019 Masters Preview. It’s out on Amazon now and we wanted to pick Joe’s brain about next week’s Masters and what went into his work. He brings it as we talk Tiger, Spieth, Rory, DJ being more like Matt Kuchar, and course changes to Augusta. We finish with a mind-blowing segment on the man known as Sir Nick. Thanks to Joe for the time. You can buy his Masters preview, a fast and fascinating read before the tournament, on Amazon.

ANA and ANWA, A “National” Open in Texas, and scripting nonsense

This Wednesday episode begins with a rundown of the schedule and a surprise contender from abroad for Andy’s event of the week. We get in to the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, reviewing the format, and offering a different venue we’d prefer to see for the first two rounds. Then we hit on the ANA Inspiration and how it might be a model for The Players to wedge its way into the first major of the year. We ponder schedule difficulty and whether some amateurs should have to choose between Augusta and the first major championship. Then we get to the Texas Open, discussing the telecom-branded golf course and the field before proffering some absolutely fantastic Fan Vote Friday Jr. choices. Some bizarre language in a Masters scripting press release is panned. We close with Paulie’s picks for the Texas Open and a Masters fact of the day that unearths an amazing personality who could be considered a forerunner to the hands-on imposing style of Justine Reed.

Sergio-Kuchar beef, an essay on the Bjerregaard upset, and Westy taunts

We return from the weekend with a smorgasbord of golf news to assess. We go long on the WGC Match Play, which delivered the best day of golf so far this year. We start with a dramatic reading of an essay that appeared on TV on the unthinkable upset of Lucas Bjerregaard beating Tiger Woods. After having some fun with that, we get to Tiger’s actual play and Rory booting it against him. Then we get into Lee Westwood’s taunt of the American Ryder Cup operation, as well as the Tour attempting to cage the highlight of his ace because he endorses the wrong courier service. Then we give the Sergio-Kuchar concession drama a full reading. We examine how both are wrong and the reactions to the mess. We also discuss Brandel’s position that this Match Play event was not advancing the players who played the best golf, as well as the notion that success here means you should be on the team for the Cup events. We also quickly hit on Nick Faldo’s work, a source sending a nugget on some more Bryson match play antics at the Ryder Cup, and the “browning out” of Louis Oosthuizen’s shirt logo. We wrap with a Masters fact of the day and some Sunday scaries.

Match Play angst, the Bitcoin Boy goes low, and Romo’s amateur status

We begin this Friday edition with a personal story about the hazards of Los Angeles sidewalks. Then we get to the golf and Andy is not happy at all with how convoluted the PGA Tour has made such a simple, beautiful format of the game. We check in on some of the early match play results, lament Bryson’s actions from each of his first two matches, and critique the response to Tiger’s incredible shot from the bushes. Then we head to Puntacana to hail the Bitcoin Boy, aka Charlie Beljan, who returned to the PGA Tour living under par and inside the top 25. Also from Puntacana, we ponder the true amateur status of Tony Romo. In Flashback Friday, we celebrate a tournament that’s now extinct but is highly relevant for our modern moment. Our Masters fact of the day gets into some trademarking practices from the grounds at Augusta National.

Tiger’s pointed take on equipment, the Euro Tour course so bad it’s good, and more fun with opposite field players’ lists

The Shotgun Start content cup runneth over for this Wednesday edition. We begin with Tiger Woods’ perfect take on how equipment, not talent, has made fields more competitive compared to 10 years ago. We ponder who he might be referring to and who it has hurt most among the elite players. Then we get to the Indian Open at DLF Golf and Country Club, appreciating all the “ambient light,” rock outcroppings, waterfalls, and foam bunker faces that it has to offer. We also run through the tee sheet at the Corales DR event, which takes a lot longer than expected as we marvel at the field make-up of yet another opposite field championship. Eventually, we get to the WGC Match Play, where we make some picks, argue about the current format stinking, and review some of the features of the Austin course. In news, we update on the Reeds, both of them, enlisting David Leadbetter and the nugget that Justine’s swing analysis lined up with the famed instructor. We wrap with a Masters Fact of the Day on a forgotten champion who vehemently argued Augusta National conspired against him in an attempt to prevent him from winning over a favorite son.

Team Reed gets counsel outside the circle, backboard plays, and Garrigus suspended

Andy and Brendan return from the weekend to dissect the results from the various tours around the world. They begin with the Valspar and Paul Casey’s defense as Dustin Johnson quietly faded. They also address what could possibly be the most useless FedExCup graphic in the history of useless FEC graphics. Then they get to the biggest news of the weekend in Tampa -- Patrick and Justine Reed’s new swing coach. Skipping over to the European Tour, they hit on Scott Hend, the eventual Maybank winner, deliberately punching a shot off the grandstands, the ethics of it, and if we’ll see more of these backboard plays in the future. In news, we address the harsh Robert Garrigus suspension, which somehow diverts into a apoplectic shouting about Jason Gore and a new five-man player relations council at the USGA. Why are five people required for this? We wrap with a Masters Fact of the Day on the origins of the Pinkerton guards being enlisted at Augusta National.

Spicy Kenny Perry takes, Louisiana Open intel, and Brian Gay facts This is the Friday episode that almost wasn’t. After some scheduling trouble, Andy and Brendan whip around the world of golf quickly to get you to the weekend. We discuss the eclectic l

This is the Friday episode that almost wasn’t. After some scheduling trouble, Andy and Brendan whip around the world of golf quickly to get you to the weekend. We discuss the eclectic leaderboard at the Valspar, which leads to a diversion on Kenny Perry. We also get into the possibility that Pat Reed now stinks. Then we relay some intel we’ve received from a source on the ground at the Chitimacha Louisiana Open, which is now a must-visit event. The learning continues with our Fan Vote Friday Junior segment, where we deliver some fascinating background on Brian Gay and Alex Cejka. If you’re not into learning facts about the Louisiana Open and journeymen PGA Tour pros, then this is not the episode for you. We wrap with a Flashback Friday on yet another instance of Ernie Els breaking Andy’s heart.

PGA Tour deletes Rahm tapes, the snake motif of the Valspar, and a Chitimacha chat

After some concentrated weeks, the world of golf is spread far and wide again with the LPGA and Web Tours returning to action in the United States. We get into the Chitimacha Louisiana Open to start, pondering the local scene in Broussard, La. and about one day making the trip there. Lee Westwood, the king of the Maybank Championship, is skipping the event and Andy comes close to critiquing his scheduling practices. Then we get into the Valspar, examining some of the journeymen names for our Fan Vote Friday Jr. poll, and even a few that made it onto a truly puzzling ballot for the PGA Tour’s version of Fan Vote Friday. Also on the Valspar, we asses the Copperhead course and its general obsession with the snake motif. Matt Wolff’s win, and Rickie’s on-the-spot trophy presentation, get some love. Then we rant a little bit about the PGA Tour deleting the video of Jon Rahm’s captivating discussion with his caddie in the final round of the Players. Why the Orwellian wiping of the records? We contrast this with some of the other PGA Tour social media posts. We wrap with a Masters fact of the day and some quick picks for the Valspar.

Shotgun Start: Rory gets the Gold, Rahm’s hopeless hail mary, and Brooks Koepka’s hunger strike

Rory McIlroy wins the game’s “fifth major” but more important, at least for Andy, is his new status as the king of the world atop the FedExCup Standings. We react to Rory’s finish on Sunday at TPC Sawgrass and a manic final round that saw constant leaderboard shuffling. Andy reveals why he was rooting for Jim Furyk, and we give a verdict on the move to March. Then we get into Jon Rahm’s wild decision to go for the green against his caddie’s wishes, a mental mistake that was getting compared to Jean van de Velde’s by the end of Sunday night. After a lengthy Players review, we then get to the Magical Kenya Open, which featured an upstart Italian champion and maybe the new best trophy in golf. We close with a crazy story about Brooks Koepka losing weight and power for some mysterious (but not-so-mysterious) reason.

It's morning again in America: A Fan Vote Friday triumph at The Players

Andy and Brendan begin this Friday edition with a word of thanks to the greater golf community, from our friends in media to the audience, for coming out and keeping the world safe for democracy. We recall the pins and needles of Friday Jr. as election returns came in, and then the moment of triumph when all your get out the vote efforts came to fruition. We explain why Stenson-Kaymer-Scott beating the heavily favored Spieth-Fowler-Koepka is good for The Players and why it was a demonstration of the internet at its very dumb best. Then we get to the tournament at hand, discussing the pillow soft benign conditions, some early low scores from the two Rorys (Holywood and Bratislava), and the obscene Harold Varner III penalty. We also touch on Tiger’s day and react to Phil’s denial that he was not involved in the college admissions scandal. Flashback Friday focuses on the turmoil of 2011, when highly ranked European stars had a war of words with the Tour and decided to skip The Players. The Masters fact of the day explains how ANGC was a precursor to the jumbotron now ubiquitous at sporting events. And before we sign off, we have a few words about Sergio aiding a marriage proposal and whether it was a false flag setup.

TPC Target golf, Tiger’s return, and Players picks

This Wednesday episode goes long on the Gold Standard but not without some debate over what gets Andy’s “event of the week.” The Magical Kenya Open makes a strong bid. We review the Fan Vote choices and decide to make an official endorsement for Friday in a bid to upset the best laid plans for the heavy favorites. Then we get into some the comments from Tiger, bad press conference questions, the “brand equity” of the new trophy, and Justin Rose insisting the new March date makes this target golf. Then we embrace debate on the pros and cons of the schedule change, discussing firm and fast vs. increased winds. We discuss our favorite holes at Sawgrass, our favorite Players champions, and our favorite controversy. We recall that time cows grazed on Augusta National in our Masters fact of the day before wrapping with Paulie’s picks and fantasy intel for the richest purse of the season.

Rory fades and Frankie rises, Gold Standard grievances, and Ernie Els is done with Augusta

We return from the weekend surly and ready to air some grievances. We start with the Sunday leaderboard shuffle at Bay Hill, where Rory sputtered and Francesco Molinari got hot. We lament some of the troubling FedExCup facts crowbarred into the broadcast and Paul Azinger’s contention that it was the biggest moment of Molinari’s career. We also address the matter of the instant contest at Bay Hill being interrupted with players arriving to the range and practicing at TPC Sawgrass, site of the gold standard. We review some of the featured groups for The Players and a couple competitors already calling it the first major of the year. Reports of soft conditions also have Andy hot and bothered as we get into some early Players discussion. Then we marvel at Ernie Els’ refreshingly candid comments about his relationship with Augusta before parting with a Masters fact of the day and some thoughts on the Jacksonville food scene.

The Players gets a theme song and Eamon Lynch joins from Bay Hill

A punchy Andy and Brendan take you into the weekend with an avalanche of informative segments, some more useful than others. They start with a quick scan of the early action from Bay Hill, where Cam Champ and Andrew Landry, the rules renegade from Wednesday’s episode, posted big numbers. Andy also attempts an impression of Carson Daly, who has popped up in Orlando and hijacked some of the week so far. Then we get to the little matter of The Players theme music and ponder the cost of this project -- was it more or less than a Web Tour purse? Fan Vote Friday Jr. takes us down the winding road of Rod Perry’s North Florida PGA achievements, Viktor Hovland’s bland hobbies, and something called BAW golf.


Eamon Lynch then graces us with his presence and discusses some early storylines from on the ground at Bay Hill, the golf and personal life of Arnold Palmer, the reduction of player access on the PGA Tour, Rory’s current state, and defends the idea of The Players as a major. Eamon is one of the most insightful and quick-witted mouths in golf and this interview corroborated that. Flashback Friday hits on Bubba’s allergies and a fascinating gripe from a former Bay Hill champion (and a call to action to take up his cause). Then we wrap with a Masters fact of the day that focuses on the rules drama from Arnold Palmer’s first green jacket that would have caused golf Twitter to self-destruct in modern times.

Decoding Tiger’s WD, Détente in the USGA v. PGA Tour, and Bay Hill picks

Andy and Brendan begin this Wednesday episode with a preview of the schedule of the week and the event of the week. This leads to a diversion on the use of Champions Tour sponsor’s exemptions. Then they get to the biggest news of the week -- Tiger Woods’ withdrawal from the Arnold Palmer Invitational. They attempt to piece together a timeline for what happened and why he played Mexico at all, while dodging the press the last two days there. Then we update the Justin Thomas vs. USGA contretemps with the latest statements from both the PGA Tour and USGA. It would appear there is a momentary hold on the conflict but that doesn’t stop us from reviewing some of the truly idiotic player statements positing for a separate set of PGA Tour rules. Then we narrow the ballot for Fan Vote Friday Jr. nominees before wrapping with some Masters facts of the day and Paulie’s picks for API.

Judging the USGA vs. PGA Tour fight, reactions to wild Honda weekend, and Seminole Pro-Member

We return from the weekend ready to discuss the Honda Classic, which, despite the weakened field, managed to entertain us as much as any final round this season. We get into the Keith Mitchell story and why his win makes the PGA Tour great. We also hit on Brooksy’s close call, Rickie’s macho finish, and Vijay turning back the clock. Then we get into a lengthy discussion on the USGA vs. Justin Thomas, and really the PGA Tour at large. We try to sort out the timeline and analyze a complicated issue, picking where both sides are wrong and where they might have a point. We go down a path that has us falling more on the side of the USGA and concluding that JT may be a little whiny. In the Masters “Fact of the Day” segment, we get into some of the origins of Augusta National during the 1930s building phase of the course. Finally, we wrap with a call to action for a friend and some quick thoughts on the tee sheet at the Seminole Pro-Member.

A hilarious Honda DQ, musings on the US bear population, and Fan Vote madness

Brendan and Andy take you into the weekend with a check-in from early action at the Honda, where Andy’s hero Ernie Els has come to dance. They discuss Alex Cejka’s amusing DQ for using a non-conforming greens book that was also obsolete. Rickie’s “dump drop” gets a grade. Given the Bear Trap setting this week, there is an extremely naive digression on the bear population of the United States. They praise Brooks Koepka’s acknowledgement that he’s stopped being polite and started getting real. The winners of the first ever Fan Vote Friday Junior -- Bud Cauley, Shawn Stefani, and Morgan Hoffmann -- are given some love, even if it comes at the expense of Stefani’s published “bucket list.” A new segment on the Masters fact of the day focuses on Augusta National’s Clifford Roberts and where he left his fortune after his death. We wrap with Flashback Fridays on the Boy from Bratislava, Rory’s wisdom teeth, and Shane Lowry’s foul mouth.

The Honda takes a hit, prescriptions for a new Florida swing, and Fan Vote Friday Junior

Brendan and Andy run through the weekly schedule to begin this Wednesday episode and learn about the Greg Norman course hosting the Oman Open and the Dump-in-a-Box Classic in the process. After running through the featured groups for the Honda, they get to the primary discussion topic of the week -- the diminished field at PGA National. They review how low the strength of field has dipped, why it went that way, and prescriptions for what is an incredibly cramped five-week stretch running into the Gold Standard. In news, they hit on Tiger blowing off his usual chat with the press two straight days to opt for his sit-down with State Run Media. Then they get to some more big commitments for Bay Hill, the Open locking in another future site, and Marty Sleeps taking a dramatically different tone than Mike Davis on the rules changes. The inaugural Shotgun Start Fan Vote Friday Junior nominees are announced and the ballot is trimmed to four options. They wrap with Paulie’s Picks for the Honda.

DJ gets it done in Mexico, absurd drop penalties, and disruption to the way of #JupLife

We return from the weekend worse for the wear but ready to praise Dustin Johnson, now a 20-time winner on the PGA Tour. We review DJ’s style of play and how it worked to dominate at Chapultepec, the company he joins in the 20-win club, and if those lofty achievements set against his major record make his career a disappointment in a way. We also hit on Rory’s continued run of top 5s and Brandel’s pointed critique that Tiger played in a conservative way that he had to know could not get him a win. Then Andy gets all worked up about the embarrassing penalty on Rickie Fowler’s shoulder-height drop. Bryson’s hollow Twitter apology gets an assessment and we ponder if enraged needless course damage should be a DQ. In further rules drama, we also discuss the LPGA backstopping controversy and whether that rises to the level using the word “cheating.” Andy provides an important update on the bottom of the Puerto Rico leaderboard before we wrap with news, which includes the disturbance to #JupLife that busted Bob Kraft. Finally, we end with an announcement on a new Shotgun Start Fan Vote initiative.

Rory goes low in Mexico, more Bryson vandalism, and future U.S. Amateur sites

It’s Friday and after a diversion discussing the career achievements of Daniel Chopra and the use of exclamation points in emails, Brendan and Andy get to the matters at hand in Mexico. They discuss Rory McIlroy’s opening 63, his current run of contention, and whether or not he has to win to validate anything. They also discuss the drivable par-4s on the Chapultepec setup, Tiger’s opening round, and another Bryson temper tantrum that led to more course damage just a week after he took a chunk out of a Riviera bunker edge. The occasion of Zion Williamson’s high-profile shoe blowout also has them trying to recall some of the most notorious equipment failures in golf. Then they get to the news of future U.S. Amateur sites, some wrinkles from the Steve Stricker Ryder Cup announcement, and Tiger’s decision to skip the Honda Classic. We wrap with Flashback Friday on some beefs from old WGC Doral days that included Sergio vs. Brandel and Poulter vs. Hideki as well as Michael Bradley’s Puerto Rico Open dominance.

WGC season begins, mysteries of the Puerto Rico Open field, and Skipper Stricker

The first WGC of 2019 is here and the field, as you’d expect, is loaded in Mexico City. So naturally, we lead off with a list of pressing and amusing questions about the field at the Puerto Rico Open, where a cadre of Champions Tour talents and unknowns will populate Coco Beach. Then we move to the WGC Mexico Championship and discuss the Chapultepec course, featured groups, Fan Vote options, and Trackman making adjusting to altitude a lost skill. In news, we salute the new shorts rule, review the expected announcement that Steve Stricker will be the next USA Ryder Cup captain, and react to Tony Romo’s exemption at the Byron Nelson. We wrap with some intel from Paulie with picks for both Puerto Rico and WGC Mexico.

The Plumb-Bob Prince wins at Riv, Tiger shows signs of life, and Spieth ejects

Andy and Brendan return to discuss all things Genesis Open, but first get to shoutouts and just credit for Ryan Fox, Nelly Korda, and Mark Hubbard on their big wins Sunday. Then we get to the matter of J.B. Holmes, who made more news for his pace of play at Riviera than his victory over Justin Thomas. We discuss the slow play pandemic, what could actually force change, where JB falls on the spectrum of offenders (he’s the worst), and the ultimate nightmare slow-play foursome. The “season of championships” is now officially a thing, with graphics weaved into the broadcast, so we address that. We also discuss Tiger’s charge and future prospects as well as Jordan Spieth’s big implosion that led to his worst PGA Tour round. Andy gets angry about the Genesis Open’s new elevated status sweeping aside the event’s illustrious history. Then we wrap with a news segment on Matt Kuchar trying to make good with El Tucan, Bryson’s enraged vandalism of a Riviera bunker, and the architect of the “Live Under Par” campaign leaving the PGA Tour.

Kuchar speaks and makes it worse, Phil’s anti-Players stance, and Bubba’s acting career

We lead off the show marveling at the tredecuple bogey 17 made by Ben DeArmond on the Web Tour and commend him for his response to the implosion. Then we move to the Genesis Open, where we lament the decision to wipe out scores and also make it hard to watch in primetime. Andy delights in Phil Mickelson’s decision to lead the #resistance against The Players “First Major” campaign. Brendan applauds Adam Scott saying the the game is becoming a “laughingstock” from the new rules and dismisses Sergio’s hollow apology. Matt Kuchar’s quotes are given a review, and it’s not particularly kind on Mr. Kuchar or his agent’s ability to manage PR crises. Then we get to some fantastic lines from Bubba Watson, who says he’d quit golf to be an actor while also saying he’d be bad at it. We end with some amusing and memory-jogging flashback Fridays from L.A. Opens past.

Boarding the Riviera hype train, Phil and Sergio apologize, and Kuchar’s big mess

The best event on the PGA Tour schedule gives Andy and Brendan the occasion to swoon about Riviera and the field for the Genesis Open. They re-hash their experience walking inside the ropes last year at the Genesis and Andy breaks down some of the best holes and features of this top venue. Then they review some of the featured groups for this week, giving Andy the opportunity to question Cam Champ’s profile alongside some of the more established stars and Hall-of-Famers. A news segment (that becomes a debate) focuses on the report from Michael Bamberger confirming the paltry sum Matt Kuchar paid to his local caddie, El Tucan, after winning $1.3 million at Mayakoba. They also hit on Sergio re-emerging to public life with an apology before wrapping with the weekly Paulie’s Picks segment from @FriedEggPaulie.

The Mickelson v. Casey sundown staring contest and the “Season of Championships”

We return from the weekend without a winner at Pebble Beach but with plenty of drama to discuss from the sundown debate between Phil Mickelson and Paul Casey. We get into Mickelson’s unbridled attempt to keep playing deep into the darkness, Casey standing his ground, Mark Russell and Jay Monahan mediating, Jim Nantz and Clint Eastwood presiding, and the fantastic TV it made after what had been a rough watch all afternoon. Andy also digs his heels in on his ProTracer panning and the Tour’s Dru Love problem. Brendan applauds Scott Stallings’ fantastic interview about his health, which gives Andy the occasion to drop some explosive intel from on the ground in Jupiter about a Joey D workout client. Then we react to golf’s new “Season of Championships” that, per Jay Monahan, begins next month at The Players. We finish with some troubling quotes on Gary Nicklaus’ PGA Tour Champions debut.

A nuclear take on ProTracer, Fan vote apathy, and naming the new gold Players trophy

Andy and Brendan close out the week with some quick reactions to the play at Pebble and the Vic Open. They review Phil’s improved accuracy, Hosung’s struggles, and Ted Potter’s complete implosion. Then they discuss the idea of Dru Love as “America’s Guest” (hat tip Lou Brown) and Andy puts it on him to find another Tour to train as a professional. They reveal their disappointment at the widespread, almost incomprehensible voter apathy for “Fan Vote Friday.” They dismiss the alleged tee box inequities scandal between the Euro Tour and LPGA Tour competitions at the Vic Open. A news segment covers the new Players trophy and tries to come up with a name for the gold fella, while Andy gets confused and angry around the promotional wording of it. They close with a Flashback Friday on Gene Littler and that time some sand vandals ruined CBS’ blimp shot of Pebble Beach.

The Vic Open experiment, Brooks calls out Sergio, and Pebble Beach picks

We’ve calmed down a bit from Monday’s Sergio rantings and ravings to assess the new week of events across the globe. We begin with the Vic Open, a concurrent European Tour and LPGA Tour event with alternating tee times on the same courses and for the same size purses. Andy highlights the best way this unique event could be broadcast and showcased. Then we move to Pebble Beach, where we celebrate Ted Potter Jr. getting a press conference and lament the mainstreaming of Hosung, while staying happy to see him on the main stage. We also ponder some of he worst celebrities you could get paired with at Pebble. In news, we revel in the big story of the day -- Brooks Koepka saying Sergio’s actions were that of a “child” and disrespectful to the rest of the field. We wrap with Paulie’s picks for Pebble Beach and some late breaking news on Fan Vote Friday!

Rickie hangs on, Sergio snaps in Saudi Arabia, and another rules fiasco

Brendan and Andy return from the weekend and the content bounty is plentiful. They react first to Rickie Fowler’s win at the Phoenix Open, where he hung on during a day of ugly play all over the course. They assess what it might mean for the future and whether his underwhelming play on Sunday does anything to bury the narrative that he has trouble closing. Then they get to Sergio Garcia’s shameful weekend in Saudi Arabia, where he damaged at least five greens during a temper tantrum unprecedented at the highest pro level. They discuss what the punishment should be for Sergio and why the tapes and story have been buried. Other topics hit are Pat Reed’s bizarre honorary lifetime membership from the European Tour, the alignment rule fiasco and the rescinding of Denny McCarthy’s penalty, and Johnny Miller’s farewell broadcast.

Matt Wolff’s big debut, Bryson’s Saudi propaganda, and Augusta’s new 5th hole

Following Thursday’s interview with legendary caddie Andy Martinez that served as Johnny Miller send-off homage, Brendan and Andy close out the week discussing the early action from Phoenix and Saudi Arabia. In Phoenix, they hit on Matthew Wolff stealing the show for the golf nut crowd. They ponder Wolff’s ceiling and how he’s the start of a new way elite prospects are recruited and prepped for the big leagues. They also spend time lamenting another blowout Fan Vote Friday. Then they swing over to Saudi Arabia for a segment of scorn directed at Bryson DeChambeau, who came off as a dunce lauding the beauty of Saudi Arabia and the “grow the game” potential of this event. The lengthening of Augusta’s 5th hole gets a cursory review before they close with a Flashback Friday focused on some ignominious moments from Tiger and Bubba at TPC Scottsdale.

A Johnny Miller homage: Hall of Fame caddie Andy Martinez discusses his time with Johnny

We go off schedule for this Shotgun Start special edition, a Friday Jr. treat. Johnny Miller’s last broadcast this week at the Phoenix Open is the public end of a Hall of Fame career in golf, both as a player and broadcaster. With that occasion, we brought on Andy Martinez, a Hall of Fame caddie and legend in his own right, to discuss his time as Johnny’s looper. Martinez caddied for almost 50 years around the globe and for eight different winners on the PGA Tour. He worked for Johnny during the peak of Miller’s powers in the 1970s and is loaded with anecdotes and stories about Johnny’s career and the pro game across multiple eras. He discusses his first ever encounter with Johnny, what it was like to be on the bag for a Johnny heater, why Johnny never won a Masters, and how the game has changed for better or worse over the decades. Thanks again to Andy Martinez for his time and regaling us with so many incredible first-hand stories.

Brooksy rages against slow play, Saudi International critiques, and Phoenix Open picks

We run through the schedule on this Wednesday edition, spotlighting the PGA Tour’s annual stop in Phoenix and the Euro Tour’s inaugural stop in Saudi Arabia. In keeping with tradition, neither of these make the cut for Andy’s “event of the week.” For Phoenix, we discuss Matt Wolff’s debut, the TPC Scottsdale finish, and laugh about those odd PXG ads that emerged. For Saudi Arabia, the tone is a bit more serious and somber as we discuss the players’ decisions to patronize and the Euro Tour’s decision to even hold an event in a country with such a horrible human rights record. In news, we champion Brooks Koepka’s fiery quotes about his peers inability to keep pace, discuss the new distance report from the USGA and R&A, and some schedule choices from high-profile players. We cap it off with Paulie’s pick for an overwhelming favorite for any one-and-done pools as well as some preferred player types for Phoenix.

Rose runs away, a Reed-Spieth hug, Haotong gets hit, and the worst of the PGA Show

We return from the weekend to discuss Justin Rose’s dominant win at Torrey Pines and Bryson DeChambeau’s dominant win in Dubai. Andy argues that Rose’s win confirms his belief that clubs don’t matter. Also from the Farmers, we review Tiger’s impressive week, the theatrics of the Reed-Spieth hug, and the aspirational vibe of Adam Scott. Then we swing out to Dubai, where Andy has some strong feelings on pace-of-play enforcement when it comes to Bryson. We also get worked up about the egregious Haotong Li penalty. After results, we run through the reader submissions of some of the useless, inane, and amusing products from the PGA Merchandise show. We wrap up with a whiparound news segment on the The Players (aka The First Major) re-taking the game’s richest purse throne, Steve Wheatcroft’s tweet on Tour travel price-gouging, and former-reinstated-amateur-turned-pro-again Gary Nicklaus doing damage on Andy’s beloved the Minor League Golf Tour.

Tiger is back, Westy is re-born, and Alan Shipnuck regales with stories from a life of golf writing

Golf Magazine Senior Writer Alan Shipnuck joins Brendan and Andy on this Friday edition. Alan was generous with his time as we discussed two of his incredible 2019 stories on José de Jesús Rodríguez and the murder of Celia Barquín Arozamena. We get into the process of how he crafted both pieces and the reception of each. Then we freelance on Tiger and his prospects for 2019, Andy’s obsession with the Ernie vs. Phil debate, and stories from his life in golf writing, including a Masters when Billy Payne chased him out of Augusta National. Before the interview with Alan, we do our usual Friday roundup, hitting on some amusing inanities from the Farmers, Tiger’s first round of 2019, Lee Westwood’s change in attitude, and Rory McIlroy’s comments on Hosung Choi. This Friday episode runs longer than normal but we think it will be worth the time.

Tiger makes his 2019 debut, the Tour’s Corey Conners problem, and Torrey picks

The new golf season steps up a level this week at the Farmers Insurance Open, where Tiger Woods will make his 2019 debut. The field is absolutely loaded at Torrey Pines and despite Andy’s objections to the course, it’s a strong contender for “event of the week.” We discuss the prospects for Tiger’s 2019, some curious prop bets, and the tough choices he’s going to have to make about what events to play on a condensed schedule. We also discuss the watered down Dubai Desert Classic, the Web Tour finish, and the “Pro Golf Tour’s” Red Sea Ain Sokhna Classic. Brendan rants about the needless gizmos at the PGA Show and Andy rants about the Corey Conners problem that the PGA Tour has right now -- it’s worth a rant and completely objectionable. Finally, we get to Paulie’s Picks for some fantasy and one-and-done insight on the Farmers.

Long outlasts Lefty and “The First Major” campaign gets a notable advocate

It may be a day off for most of the USA but the Shotgun Start is here to review the entire weekend of golf from across the globe. After watching Pat Mahomes put on ice and not even get a chance to touch the ball in OT, we discuss one of the worst tiebreaker formats in golf. Then we get to Adam Long’s big finish at the Desert Classic and Phil Mickelson’s big week trying to “crush drivers.” We discuss what that philosophy might mean for the rest of his year. Then we hit on the Euro Tour results with more questions about the validity of the Rolex Series, the Singapore Open and Dru Love’s strong finish that might just shut us up, and a stud prospect getting a Masters berth at the Latin America Amateur. We wrap with Brandel Chamblee advocating not for the usual four-major system but what he called “The Big 5 Events” and what this support means for Andy’s theory that the PGA Tour is slowly trying to brainwash us into accepting a First Major campaign.

Phil knocks off the “rust,” a Latin America Am story, and a PGA West Flashback Friday

Brendan and Andy close out the week with a review of all the golf from across the globe. They cover Phil Mickelson’s 2019 debut and some of the fascinating less heralded stories on the Desert Classic leaderboard. Then they whip around from Westy’s work in Abu Dhabi to the Singapore Open and back to the LPGA’s celebrity event in Orlando. Andy goes into the archives for a Flashback Friday on the debut of PGA West at the 1987 Bob Hope and the revolt of angry players against the Pete Dye design. Brendan then relays a story from a listener and former Latin America Amateur contestant from the United States who became a Dominican citizen over one weekend to get into the field. They also discuss the latest from Matt Kuchar’s tipping travesty and comments from Fred Ridley on the how the Masters plans to operate within the new rules.

Hosung comes to Carmel, Latin America Am intel, and Desert Classic picks

There is almost too much to discuss on this Wednesday edition, with seven televised events coming this week. But first Brendan and Andy react to the news that Hosung Choi will make his PGA Tour debut at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in a few weeks. Then they cover different entertaining tidbits from the PGA Tour to the LPGA to Abu Dhabi to Singapore and everything in between in this jam-packed week. Andy relays intel from the Latin America Amateur Championship while Brendan relives a harrowing confrontation with Larry the Cable Guy, who is back in the field at this week’s Diamond Resorts Invitational. Then we are joined by @FriedEggPaulie for some fantasy intel and one-and-done picks for this week’s Desert Classic on the PGA Tour.

Matt Kuchar’s wild weekend and Jay Rigdon on golf’s TV coverage

Andy and Brendan are both finally settled at home and ready to review a weekend of perfectly normal news from the PGA Tour. They discuss Matt Kuchar’s win at the Sony Open, where he falls in the always evolving “best never to win a major” list, and a few other takeaways from the leaderboard. Then they get to bigger news that engulfed Kuchar over the weekend, with rumors that he stiffed his local caddie with just $3k from a $1.3 million winner’s payout at the Mayakoba Classic. Are Tom Gillis and Kip Henley golf’s version of Woodward & Bernstein? Is this fake news? If true, how shitty of a move was it? They also discuss the collapse of Stephen Curry’s event in the Bay Area. Then they get to Jay Rigdon of Awful Announcing for an interview on how the broadcasts of golf have improved, where they’re still lacking, dream and nightmare broadcast teams, and what he’d like to see change in 2019. Follow Jay on Twitter @JayRigdon5.

Spieth’s Sony struggles, more ‘Players as 1st major’ conspiracies, and Flashback Friday

After a WiFi emergency challenges Andy’s sanity, a Friday edition does miraculously make it to the light of day. Brendan and Andy immediately go on a lengthy digression about the OWGR committee reviewing whether the new staggered start Tour Championship should be eligible for world ranking points. That digression then leads to another about the WGCs following Adam Scott’s comments that he might skip them all, which then leads to more on the conspiracy about The Players trying become the “First Major.” On the Sony, they discuss some questionable grandstand placement, the new 18th green, Shugo’s big day, and Spieth’s poor day. They finish with a Flashback Friday that Andy uses as an excuse to argue yet another case for his favorite player while Brendan recalls one of the all-time awkward interviews in PGA Tour history.

Andy’s ace and a reply to his pants haters, Captain Paddy, and Rob Allenby Open picks

The typical Wednesday format is cast aside as a fired up Andy joins while on his way to night of merriment after making a hole-in-one. We discuss the circumstances around his ace and his questionable pants in the tweeted video of the shot that had the haters responding in full force. Then we set aside the personal tales and get back to pro golf, covering the news of Shotgun Start favorite Shugo Imahira’s special exemption into the 2019 Masters. We review the expected announcement of Padraig Harrington taking the reins of the European Ryder Cup team. We finish with a discussion of the Sony Open, hitting on the strengths of Waialae, Jordan Spieth expectations, and the Tour chickening out by putting Pat Reed a group ahead of Spieth and not with him.

The X-man gets a chase-down W, more fun with the new rules, and the Lucy Li controversy

We have a new No.1 in the FedExCup standings! Andy and Brendan discuss Xander Schauffele’s incredible Sunday 62 to win the Tournament of Champions. They get into the X-man’s future prospects after another win puts him atop the FEC. They also address Gary Woodland’s impressive week and Rory’s unimpressive Sunday flop. Then we get to a further review of the new rules in action, including Bryson DeChambeau’s struggle to comprehend the new drop height. After watching the rules officials loosen up a bit and wear Hawaiian shirts, Andy hypothesizes about placing “undercover plain clothesed” rules officials in the crowd. They end with a discussion on Lucy Li’s amateur status controversy after it came out that she starred in an Apple Watch commercial.

Bryson’s pin to win, Golf Channel tweaks, Gainzzz and reactions to a delightful opener

The Shotgun Start was created to go deep on all the amusing quirks and inanities that made the PGA Tour’s opening night at the Sentry Tournament of Champions so entertaining. We’re not overstating it when we say it was fantastic from start to finish. There was Bryson putting with the pin in, Gainzz going low, and a near catastrophe in the first ever in-round interview on the PGA Tour. We also discuss a bombshell of a listener question on the new rules that could render this entire season fraudulent. We also go over the disturbing evidence from the first round that promptly supported Andy’s crackpot theory from Wednesday that the PGA Tour is going to try and make The Players the “first major.” We conclude with a quick news roundup on Pat Reed’s champions dinner, Mike Davis stepping down, and a Flashback Friday to a year when Kapalua wreaked havoc on the leaderboard.

New year, new takes: Resolutions we’d like some golfers to consider, 2019 predictions, and Kapalua picks

It’s a New Year and the Shotgun Start is back after a brief (one episode!) hiatus. Andy and Brendan discuss the Tournament of Champions and how it holds a special place for them as the annual opener. Then they offer some picks for the 2019 majors, a couple awards, and mix in a few possibly insane/extreme longshot predictions. Andy also has a list of some New Year’s resolutions he’d like to see from different golfers and people associated with the game. We wrap with the return of Paulie’s Picks, as Paulie joins with some intel on Kapalua and a few names to tab for the ToC.

The Match gets renewed and Adam Sarson discusses his 2018 Year in Review

Andy and Brendan return from a holiday break to catch up on a week of golf news. That doesn’t take long, as they hit on reports that Tiger and Phil are in for two more matches, Tiger is out for Kapalua, and Francesco Molinari’s announcement that he may not play on the European Tour until The Open. Then we get to an interview with Adam Sarson, whose year-in-review series has achieved somewhat of legend status on the golf corner of the internet. We get into Sarson’s process for the 2018 list, any challenges he had in whittling it down and then ordering it, and a few predictions for the 2019 list.

A Holiday AMA free-for-all

The Shotgun Start put the call out for questions for a rapid-fire AMA experiment and you all responded with a potpourri of incisive golf prompts and random topics. In keeping with the intent of an AMA, we try to go through every single question you had for us and answer as best we can on the fly. The topics range from changes we’d make to the PGA Tour to thoughts on golf media to course design to PGA Tour pros we’d most want to play in basketball. At times, it may go off the rails but we appreciate your feedback and questions.

Memorializing a year on the PGA Tour, Part IV: The PGA and the Playoffs

We finish out the week with a few comments on the news of architect Keith Foster’s guilty plea to a federal crime with up to five years in prison. Then, prompted by an “event of the week” tip after our call for audience submissions, they get to an enlightening and amusing discussion on the the Minor League Golf Tour and its bedrock JupLife principles. After that quick news, we’re back to Part IV of the 2018 PGA Tour Memorial, finishing with the home stretch of the PGA Championship and the Playoffs. The season’s final major gets a fine tooth comb and we cover shanked wedges, maddening TV moves, DJ drama, and a certain Masters champion’s visit to Fenway Park.

Memorializing a year on the PGA Tour, Part III: The Open and open season for cheating

We lied! Our little game of back-and-forth revisiting the big moments and forgotten absurdities on the PGA Tour will *not* be three parts. We got carried away having fun doing part three, which came in at almost two hours. So much like a Ryder Cup captain in distress, we called an audible and will split it up into four total parts. Part 3 ranges from the Travelers up to the PGA Championship. We cover a spate of cheating controversies, John Peterson retirements, Military Tributes, oddball fields at opposite events, the summer of Tiger, and one of the great Sundays in major championship history. Stay tuned for part 4 later this week, when we wrap up with a deep dive on glory’s last shot and the playoffs.

Memorializing a year on the PGA Tour, Part II: The Masters and the U.S. Open

Andy and Brendan return with a weekend results update and react to the controversy engulfing the outcome at the PNC Father-Son Challenge. Then they move onto part two of their PGA Tour season review, going blow-by-blow starting with the Masters and ending with that crazy weekend at the U.S. Open. You’ll get a memory jog on some results, but more importantly, a recap of all the entertaining sideshows that made this year so fun. From angry Angela Garcia to bird strikes to JDay health maladies to Holly Sonders Freudian slips, they attempt to unearth the most enjoyable forgotten moments in part 2 before putting a bow on the entire summer with part 3 on Wednesday.

Memorializing a year on the PGA Tour, Part I: Amusing and sometimes useless facts

As part of an end-of-year series, Brendan and Andy run through the first quarter of the PGA Tour schedule to review key moments, controversies, and plenty of amusing ephemera you probably forgot. As you can guess, this is not meant to be a cut-and-dry recap of what happened, but rather a tribute to the many oddities and silly dramas that are often forgotten by the end of an interminable season. They alternate events, with one host armed with some research while the other trying to recall or guess cold on what transpired, starting from the top at Kapalua.

Brooks Koepka starts getting real on Twitter and golf in a South African bestiary

With just three events this week, one of which Andy vehemently proclaims “doesn’t count,” we look to the ends of the earth for the distinguished “event of the week” honor. This leads to longer-than-expected but delightful discussions on the Dunhill Championship and the Indonesian Masters, aka the Westy Invitational on the Asian Tour. For the Dunhill in South Africa, we review Gary Player’s Leopard Creek redesign, with a spotlight on some of its curious finishing holes and what the content makers at the PGA Tour would do with all the animals that roam near its grounds. We also examine the purse size and field makeup of the Indonesian event. Andy makes a plea for no John Daly Jr. coverage at the Father-Son. We then discuss Brooks Koepka taking umbrage with an arbitrary end-of-year list and how that relates to an interesting Golfweek article on players working with the PGA Tour to try to grow their brands on social media (we argue to stop taking the Tour’s suggestions as gospel and just be authentic, among other things).

The Mattress King re-takes the throne, Q-School review, and a shocking breakup

Brendan and Andy return from the weekend to discuss King Louis’ win in South Africa, as well as the Open qualifiers that punched their tickets to Portrush. They then transition to the QBE Shootout for a quick analysis on some of the scoring yielded by those different formats. If the Tour really wants to Live Under Par, should they put more scramble formats on the schedule? A lengthy discussion on Web Q-School focuses on the studs that made it, some that didn’t, super-low scores on an apathetic layout, and outrage over the lack of coverage during a slow time of the year. Finally, they wrap with a news segment that focuses on Steph Curry’s event likely going to Lake Merced and the Damon Green-ZJ breakup that shook the golf world to its core over the weekend. They speculate on some cryptic quotes from ZJ that may have led to the separation.

The worst golf club names of all time and Shark Shootout formats, teams we’d like to see

Almost no one watches the QBE Shootout, but it’s an event with a solid foundational concept and some good formats! Brendan and Andy review the 3 separate formats for the 3 separate days and ponder other two-person teams that could pump more life into a weekend that’s sans college football. They dive in on Q-School developments, which provokes a fun/agonizing Flashback Friday from Andy. Brendan opts to flashback to one of the oddest couples to ever play the Shark Shootout as well as Bryson’s face-on putting experiment at the Shootout (and subsequent freakout on the USGA when his club was ruled non-conforming). Finally, with manufacturers starting to tease and announce their new wares for 2019, they recall and laugh at some of the worst-named clubs of all time.

PGA gets in bed with Big Tex and the new Tour “feeder system” for college players

It’s a light week for golf on TV but the content gods always provide for the Shotgun Start podcast. Andy and Brendan discuss the report that Tiger Woods may get his own Monster drink and he may now also have a new Presidents Cup assistant captain if one oddball star’s pleas are answered. They then explore the idea of the Tour providing a system that gives NCAA stars access to more playing opportunities. Andy explains what this embrace of the youth movement says about the state of the game. Then they move to the PGA of America announcement that they’re headed to Texas as part of a mega-development that is being called the “Silicon Valley of golf.” They offer a skeptical critique of the lengthy release outlining these plans. Finally, they wrap with a discussion of the South African Open in Joburg, where three spots for the British Open are up for grabs. Is this the best way to qualify for the world’s major championship?

Rahm wins motorbike world challenge, Tiger double-hit drama, and Reed pops off again

Brendan returns from the most magical place on Earth to catch up with Andy and discuss an eventful weekend at the Hero World Challenge. They review Jon Rahm’s win and ponder who from the under-30 set and the Euro set will win more in the coming years. An Andy divergence on Henrik Stenson goes down the path to providing a valuable history lesson on Calvin Peete. They examine the Tiger double-hit penalty exoneration from late Friday afternoon that had the golf world frenzied. Back from the fantasyland of Disney, Brendan provides his breakdown of Pat Reed’s continued fantasy world assessment of the U.S. Ryder Cup experience. They wrap with some Sunday scaries and the best thing from the weekend before providing a few details on December plans for the Shotgun Start.

Hideki and his hero, Rickie hitting 30 and Cam Champ and the rooks

The PGA Tour's Sean Martin joins the podcast in place of Brendan who is still in Disneyworld. A pair of Patricks sit a top the leaderboard but the story comes from the bottom with Hideki and his boyhood hero teeing off first. Sean spits some stats about the importance of Strokes Gained: off the tee and Andy debates consistency vs winning.

We ride into the Hero with Kyle Porter

Brendan is on "vacation" with his kids in Disneyworld so CBS Sports' Kyle Porter joins the podcast to ride into the Hero. Andy and Kyle talk about the the ongoing fallout from The Match and the paywall gaff. Kyle reminises about how far Tiger has come since last year. Of course, Andy dives into the whereabouts of Hosung Choi's start this week. The conversation wraps up with a discussion on Oklahoma State golf and the bright future of Matthew Wolff. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

The reign of Hosung begins and reactions to The Match and World Cup

It’s another victory Monday on the Shotgun Start, and perhaps, it’s the sweetest one yet. The legend Hosung Choi gets the win, going for it all on the 18th hole of the Casio World Open to convert on the Japan Tour. Andy reacts to this historic moment in the game, and we wonder about what it might mean for the future. Then we spend time reviewing the good, bad, and ugly from The Match. We cover what worked, what didn’t, what we’d like to see next ... and if you’re the Bleacher Report tech guy responsible for the PPV mishap, do you even go into work on Monday? Finally, we check in on the results of our first annual World Cup of Golf draft.

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